Free books vs carrying charges

I am a Librarian.  And I have not bought a book in over 10 months.  I almost feel like I’m confessing something here.

When I travel, my entire carry-on used to hold books.  And I usually bought more while I was on the trip.  But, I bought an eBook Reader (a Nook) over a year ago.  I started taking it instead of the little suitcase.  My husband was so happy!  (He usually ended up pulling my little suitcase of books at some point on each trip)

This Xmas, I got an iPad.  Even better.  Now I don’t carry my Netbook or any books.  (I lie.  I carry one paperback for those moments on the airplane when they say “Turn off all electronic devices.”  So annoying.)

At the American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter Conference in January, there were free books available on the conference floor.  I could have picked up several.  Lots.  I always have before.  I didn’t pick up any.  I would have had to carry them.  It just wasn’t worth it.

4 thoughts on “Free books vs carrying charges

  1. (He usually ended up pulling my little suitcase of books at some point on each trip)

    To say nothing of occasionally lifting it. What a workout! 🙂

  2. I carefully did not mention the books that were actually read on most trips that ended up in the checked baggage. Or the embarrassment of re-arranging the weight of said checked luggage at the counter when one suitcase (or sometimes both) went overweight. 😉

  3. Didn’t it feel liberating to not drag all of those books or have to ship things? At the same time sad that you didn’t feel like you “got” anything from the exhibits? Funny… I wonder how many of the vendors will have QR codes to scan that would take you to an advanced copy at Annual… Will you be there? I know Galen through Koha would love to meet you!


    1. It was the moment when I realized that my universe had changed. Forever. It made me come home and think about how many books we won’t move this time round. (I did pick up one book for Galen, but nothing for me. )
      All the vendors who give advanced copies to NetGalley need to have something available at Annual to allow downloads, absolutely. And yes, I’ll be at Annual, and Galen will have to introduce us!

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