Ebook Review Central for Dreamspinner Press September 2011

The second issue of Ebook Review Central covers Dreamspinner Press ebooks for the month of September 2011.

In September, Dreamspinner published 25 ebook titles. Because all Dreamspinner ebooks are available to libraries on OverDrive, and because reviews for Dreamspinner titles are hard to find, all Dreamspinner ebooks are listed whether or not there was also a print book.

The basic information listed is for the ebook format, since this is Ebook Review Central! So there’s title, author, date, publisher, series if applicable, suggested categories from the publisher, price and eISBN. And the-ever popular book cover.

Then there’s the review listings. Who, where, a link and a grade or rating if the reviewer gave a rating or ranking. Not everyone who reviews does.

For a complete review of how Ebook Review Central came about, the not necessarily gory details are here. And if you are interested in the particulars of what might be included in ranking or reviewing, the complete explication of ranking and reviewing is in the first issue, along with the featured titles for Carina Press.  The total list of reviews and titles for Carina is at Ebooks Review Central.

The list of reviews was up-to-date as of 10/29/11. I will be cycling through Carina Press, Dreamspinner Press, Samhain Press, and a “player-to-be-named-later” every four weeks, always looking at one month previous, so there’s a chance for the reviews to be posted. I’m still looking for that fourth publisher or publishers, so I’d appreciate any suggestions. I will add updates to the September list when I come back around to Dreamspinner next month.

As I did last week, I want to highlight the titles that had the most buzz, based on the reviews.

Chasing Seth, by J.R. Loveless garnered the most reviews. Based on what the blogosphere is saying, it is a good story because it succeeds on multiple levels. This is a male/male romance that deals with bigotry between whites and Native Americans, and it’s also a paranormal story dealing with shapeshifters, werewolves specifically, and apparently does an excellent job on that front as well.

Legal Artistry by Andrew Grey is the fifth book in the Bottled Up series. Series books in general tend to be highly anticipated, and either they satisfy pent up demand, or occasionally they disappoint. Legal Artistry seems to be just what fans of this series were waiting for, and the extremely positive reviews reflect that. Several reviewers mention that Grey’s books are the ones that started their enjoyment of the M/M genre. Librarians might consider this when looking for books to purchase.

Angel by Laura Lee certainly got talked about a lot. Angel is Dreamspinner’s first title in their new Itineris Press, where they intend to publish faith-based GLBT literature. The book was discussed in some surprising places, both as a story and for it’s faith-based aspects. Read the reviews and see what you think.

That’s a wrap for this week. See you next week for a look at Samhain’s September titles.