Get Greased: Steampunk Reading Challenge

The goal of the Steampunk Reading Challenge at Dark Faerie Tales is to read 24 steampunk novels in 2012. That’s the “Get Greased” level.

I’m not quite that ambitious. I do love steampunk, but I’m not so sure about devoting 24 of my 400 books this year to it.

There are other levels. Of course there are. The “Gaslight” level of 6 books is too low for me. I’m signing up for the “Gears” level of 12 books. I might make the 18 book “Gadget” level, but that will depend a lot on what comes up in reviews. There is a level for the truly steampunk obsessed. 30+ books makes you “Steamed”. Indeed.

It also depends on how many of my “books for fun” I get to. Gail Carriger’s Heartless and Timeless are both very definitely steampunk. I didn’t quite get to Heartless in 2011, and Timeless is due in February.

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