Shooting the Moon: the SFR Reading Challenge

I’m throwing my hat into the ring (or should that be launching my rocket ship?) at the SFR Reading Challenge. The official sign up is here, if you want to climb on board.

There are levels to this challenge. Maybe I should call them orbits.


The earth-bound among us will be signing up to read 5 science fiction romance (SFR) novels in 2012.


The more adventurous plan on reaching earth’s nearest neighbor. 15 SFR novels gets you to the moon.


Venus, can be orbited by those reading 25 SFR novels.


And for those who think really, really big. Jupiter, of course. Big challenge equals big planet.


I’m planning on reaching the moon at the very least. I hope to reach Venus. Jupiter, well, we’ll have to wait and see what this year’s reviews bring.