Ebook Review Central, Dreamspinner Press, January 2012

We’re back at Ebook Review Central taking a look at the January 2012 titles from Dreamspinner Press. And it’s a relief to be back to the usual 25-30 titles in the month. I’m glad the Advent Calendar is only once a year!

But let’s talk about the January titles, shall we? After all, Christmas is so, well, last year.

Two of this month’s featured books for Dreamspinner have something in common. Both books have something blue in the title, although it’s definitely not the same kind of blue.

The blue moon in the title of Rowena Sudbury’s novella Blue Moon refers to the phrase “once in a blue moon”, at least according to the author. The story is about two pro wrestlers who are surprised by love in the most unlikely of circumstances. The reviewers were all equally surprised by how quickly the pages of this story flew by, and also by how much they fell in love with the characters. The author gave everyone an intro into the intensity of the wrestling world, and a peek into the heads and hearts of two very intense men. The happy ending is touching, and according to one reviewer, “very, very sweet”.

The blue in Delsyn’s Blues by Lou Sylvre refers to music. As in “the blues”. In this second book in the Vasquez & James series, Sonny James is grieving, and he is listening to a voice singing the blues. The problem is that Sonny is busy revisiting the mistakes of his past, and that voice he’s hearing is coming from beyond the grave. Meanwhile, his partner Luki Vazquez needs him in the here and now. And Sonny really needs to start focusing on the present, because somebody wants him dead.

Delsyn’s Blues is the followup to last year’s Loving Luki Vasquez. Reviewers recommend reading that book first to get the full flavor of the intensity between Sonny and Luki, as well as the backstory on Delsyn. For romantic suspense readers, this series sounds like an excellent read.

And the final title for the month is Galley Proof by Eric Arvin. Reviewers describe this as “an impossible to put down novel that is fun, witty and though-provoking.” The two heroes of Galley Proof are a fiction writer and the editor who shakes up his life. Logan Brandish is an author who needs shaking up. His life seems perfect, small-town, boyfriend, cat–but it’s not. Logan is in a rut and his writing shows it. When a new editor named Brock breezes in and tells him his writing is crap (which it is) Logan runs away, to Italy. But not before Brock has shaken up his entire life.

Because Galley Proof is about writers and editors, this has to be well written or it wouldn’t work. After all, writers and editors are supposed to be able to use words well, otherwise they wouldn’t be writers and editors! All the reviewers love it, and I can understand why. We all love authors. But the reviews are terrific, so if you are looking for a contemporary romance, and you want witty, check this out.

Writing, wrestling and murder. What a week!
We’ll be back next week, with another exciting edition of Ebook Review Central. Next week  it will be time to look at Samhain Publishing for January 2012.