What’s on my (mostly virtual) nightstand? 2-5-12

Is it really February? In Atlanta it’s 65 and sunny. I know we’re still in the South, but I did think this place was supposed to have something like seasons. So far, it’s been pretty much shirt-sleeve weather all year.

It’s not that I miss winter, and definitely not that I miss snow, but it just “feels” wrong for February.

I got a new book added to my nightstand late last week. Actually two new books. Library Journal asked me to review Danger Zone by Dee J. Adams, and those reviews always have a very short window, so my review is due on Friday, February 10. And it’s a sequel. So there I was downloading Dangerous Race from Carina Press. I got lucky, there was a sale! And even better, they are really, really good romantic suspense. I’ve already finished Dangerous Race, and I’m halfway through Danger Zone. Very neat stories about Formula One racing and the Hollywood filming thereof.

I also picked The Woman Who Loved Jesse James by Cindi Myers from NetGalley. It was published on January 23, but it’s still available. The description sounded a lot like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, if it were told from Etta Place’s point of view. I’ll find out.

And for next Tuesday I have the new Robin Hood re-telling, Scarlet, by A.C. Gaughen. This is supposed to be YA version, but that’s not the reason I requested it on NetGalley. In this version of the Robin Hood story, “Will” Scarlet is a female passing as male. The Robin Hood legend is one of the truly great stories, I can’t wait to see what changes this twist makes!

In spite of the addition of the racing books, I did make some progress from last week’s list. Besides finishing and reviewing The Night is Mine by M.L. Buchman, I also finished Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel by Samantha Grace. So that review will be published early this week.

My review for The Devil of Jedburgh by Claire Robyns will also be published this week, after my thoughts on the book first appear at Book Lovers Inc. Reviewing for BLI is fun and different from what I do here.

I need to hike myself back to Theft of Swords. I keep thinking of those 500+ pages and going “eek”, but I enjoyed the part I read. I just keep getting distracted by other books.

And on Thursday, February 9, I will be conducting another webinar for the Maryland Library Association. This time the topic will be ebooks in libraries. For interested parties, the signup link is here.

Speaking of ebooks, tomorrow is Monday. That means it’ll be time for another edition of Ebook Review Central. ERC will finally say “Goodbye” to December with Amber Quill, Astraea, Liquid Silver, and Riptide. Tomorrow!