What’s on my (mostly virtual) nightstand? 3/18/12

Back to back conferences are not a recipe for catching up to yourself. I’m so sleep deprived, I feel as if I left some of my brain cells back in Philadelphia at the Public Library Association Conference.

My feet are still sending me expletive (@!*#) messages about the Exhibit Hall floor. There are no shoes comfortable enough but I keep trying. Even as I sit here typing my feet are still reminding me that this is definitely an EPIC FAIL.

Speaking of epics, I have an epic list of books for next week. If any of them are epically long, I’m in serious trouble.

Last year I reviewed Guy Haley’s Reality 36 and enjoyed it immensely. Reality 36 is a futuristic noir-detective mystery with an AI protagonist. I’ve been waiting for the sequel, and Omega Point is it. I received this from Angry Robot as a member of their Robot Army.

The other one at the top of the “pile” is Robert Appleton’s Alien Velocity. I’ve been reading the science fiction first, and I’ve enjoyed Appleton’s previous work, so I’m up for another.

Speaking of books I reviewed…earlier this year, I reviewed an urban fantasy/paranormal romance titled Knight’s Curse by Karen Duvall. I had some mixed feelings about the story, but I wanted to see how it turned out. I have the sequel, Darkest Knight for review next week.

I have more paranormal romance, too. When I applied to be a reviewer for Library Journal’s ebook romance column, I wrote a review of Amanda Stevens’ The Abandoned, the prequel novella to her Graveyard Queen series in the LJ style. Since I got the gig, I have fond memories of the book, even though I haven’t read the rest of the series yet. This is now a problem, because I have The Kingdom to review and I still haven’t read The Restorer.

Next is Heather Graham’s The Unseen. I’ve heard she’s good, and this is also paranormal romance.   Since it was available on NetGalley, I decided to give Graham a try.

I was surprised, and downright amazed, to see Lori Foster’s A Perfect Storm appear on NetGalley. This is book four in her romantic suspense series Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor. I read book one, When You Dare, but this just doesn’t seem like the kind of series where it will matter that I haven’t read the ones in the middle. I sure hope not.

Tessa Dare’s A Week to Be Wicked popped up on Edelweiss, and I decided to try her again, especially after Once Upon a Winter’s Eve proved so popular for Samhain when it was released as an ebook. But the reviews did say that it helped to read the whole series, so that means A Night to Surrender first.

And for pure devilish fun, Much Ado About Rogues by Kasey Michaels. The last of the Blackthorn Brothers will finally meet his match. I loved both The Taming of the Rake and A Midsummer Night’s Sin, so how could I possibly resist the final book when it appeared on NetGalley?

I’m not done.

Back to that Library Journal gig. My editor sent me Random Acts by Alison Stone. It’s romantic suspense, and my review is due on March 26. It would have been due sooner, but we were both in Philly for PLA!

On March 29 I will be reviewing Brightarrow Burning by Isabo Kelly as part of a review tour for Goddess Fish.  Brightarrow Burning is fantasy romance, one of the genres that I enjoy. And a review tour seemed like a terrific way to get my feet wet in the whole blog tour thing.



This nightstand is overflowing, so it’s time to stop piling books on it. One of cats is sure to try and knock them over!

There will be an Ebook Review Central tomorrow, and it will feature Dreamspinner Press. See you there/then!


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    1. I liked When You Dare, just not enough to snap up the other two. But I adored some of her earlier series like Visitation and the SBC series. We’ll have to compare notes on Storm after we’re both done!

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