On My Wishlist #8

On My Wishlist is a weekly meme that’s currently hosted at Cosy Books, but was started at Book Chick City. It’s a way for us to share the books we’re drooling over, at least in the hypothetical sense. (Actual drool on real books is messy and disgusting. Actual drool on ebooks may result in failure of the device. Yes, I’m being snarky. I’ve been watching too much House recently.)

About those books I’m wishing for…

Midnight Rescue by Elle Kennedy just looks incredibly cool. I saw reviews at Fiction Vixen and The Book Pushers and I just want it. The story is a combination of military romance and romantic suspense. It sounds like something along the lines of Suzanne Brockmann’s recent Born in Darkness or M.L. Buchman’s The Night Is Mine, both of which I absolutely loved.  Except that Midnight Rescue involves both a band of mercenary male soldiers and a separate band of mercenary female soldiers who are going to have to learn to fight side-by-side. And eventually pair off as the series goes on.

Speaking of books I just plain want, I also want Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness. This is the sequel to A Discovery of Witches, her breakout debut from early last year. Everyone wants this one, so I’m not alone. The first book was an absolutely spellbinding combination of history, alchemy, witchcraft and romance. I expect the second book to be the same, as the forbidden lovers, vampire Matthew and witch Diana, continue their tale in Elizabethan London. It sounds like the perfect summer read. (I’ll admit, I’ve requested this one twice from Penguin through NetGalley, and haven’t received an answer. I’m keeping my fingers that the third time proves the charm!)

The summer book announcements are starting to heat up. Just think of the number of books we could all be adding to our wishlists! What’s on your wishlist this week?


4 thoughts on “On My Wishlist #8

  1. I’ve made the same two requests for Shadow of Night thought NetGalley. Haven’t heard anything either. I listened to Discovery of Witches as an audio book. The only book I requested from the Online Bookbloggers and Publishers Conferene was a paper copy of Discovery of Witches. I don’t know if they every sent out books but if they did I did not get that one either.

    1. It will come out, someday. This is the one book I’m hoping will be available on the conference floor at ALA in Anaheim. The timing is about right, since the conference is late June and the book releases on July 10. But it’s hard to predict what publishers will bring, and this book doesn’t need any advance publicity.

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