The Sunday Post AKA What’s On My (Mostly Virtual) Nightstand? 12-30-12

Today is the last Sunday of 2012. We just brought another Billy Bookcase home from Ikea. There is no such thing as too many bookcases!

But seriously. We have lots (really lots) of the biggest ones, but one of the half-width ones died in the move here. They’re only particle board, after all. We use the half-width ones for the DVDs. We tried to get more Bennos too, but they were out.

We are settling in. Down to the last dozen boxes of miscellany. And a friend who is moving away gave us Mt. Catmore. The whole thing didn’t quite make it in the picture at right, but you get the idea. Also, there are two cats in the photo. Mellie is on top. But on the shelf between the two hutches, you can just make out a cat-shaped black hole. That’s Sophie.

In regards to other towering structures, like wish lists, the winner of the Gifting Books Blog Hop is Pauline Baird Jones, and she has received a $10 Amazon Gift Card to make a tiny dent in her wish list. Unfortunately for Pauline, filling your wish list just adds to the TBR stack. So many books, so little time!

And in the rest of the week’s posts…

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Coming up this week, Happy New Year! There’s one last bit of business before the end of the year. Tomorrow I’ll be posting my list of my most anticipated books for 2013. After tomorrow, it feels like it stops being anticipatory.

Tuesday starts the New Year’s Blog Hop here at Reading Reality and over 200 other blogs and author sites. Reading and blogging on New Year’s Day sounds like a lot of fun. Reading always sounds good to me!

Rounding out the week, Cryselle has another guest review, this time for Aleksandr Voinov’s marvelous Skybound. And I’ll have reviews of the first of Victoria Vane’s Devilish Vignettes, and The Second Rule of Ten.

What are your plans to celebrate the New Year? Do you have any resolutions of the bookish kind?