The Sunday Post AKA What’s on My (Mostly Virtual) Nightstand? 12-9-12

“Hi honey, I’m home!”

Welcome to Seattle, where it rains every day. It does keep the grass green, and quite possibly some of the people. Things get just a bit mossy around here.

But home is where the cats are. Also where I finally have my computer back together. I missed my second monitor. And laptop screens are kinda puny, compared to a desktop monitor. Especially compared to two desktop monitors.

Until I saw Galen’s office. He has three. I’m not sure whether that would be bliss…or overload.

Enough with the geek envy. Let’s talk about books. But let’s first recap the books we talked about last week.

B+ Review: Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
Naughty & Nice; A- Review: Room at the Inn by Ruthie Knox, C- Review: All I Want for Christmas is You, B Review: One Perfect Christmas by Stefanie Sloane
B- Review: Heart of Atlantis by Alyssa Day
B+ Review: Stellarnet Prince by J.L. Hilton
B- Review: The Virgin and the Playboy/ B+ Review: The Virgin and the Best Man, both by Kate Richards
Stacking the Shelves (25)

What about this week? Well, now that I can see my calendar and type at the same time I can tell that the Holiday Gifts of Love Blog Hop is this week and not last week. Enough sleep is a wonderful thing.

Reviews lined up for this week include the Xmas anthology Romancing the Holiday from Carina Press, the “new adult” romance Losing It by Cora Carmack, and Taste Me, the first book in Tamara Hogan’s fabulous paranormal series, the Underbelly Chronicles. I can’t believe I missed that one when it came out. Wow!

Back to Losing It by Cora Carmack. What do you think of the label “new adult”? Do you think it’s going to have the kind of staying power that young adult has had? What does it mean to you when you see a book promoted as a “new adult” title? I’m really curious since this was a book I got sent for review by Library Journal, and they’re curious, too!

What’s happening on your blog this week? Reading lots of holiday books?