Guest Post by Author Nico Rosso on Rock and Roll + Giveaway

Today I’d like to welcome Nico Rosso, who recently published Heavy Metal Heart (reviewed here). He’s also the co-author, or co-conspirator, The Ether Chronicles, which is of one of my favorite steampunk romance series, along with his wife Zoe Archer. So I’m especially pleased to have him as my guest at Reading Reality!

Thanks so much for having me, Marlene! Now let’s tune the guitars and crank up the amps.

Heavy Metal Heart by Nico RossoRock and roll moves us. It’s caused revolutions, riots, and revelations. We can dance to it, or bang our heads, or sing along at the top of our lungs at top speed on the freeway. I’m definitely guilty of this, as my wife, Zoë Archer can attest to.

I listen to a lot of music when I’m writing, and this was especially true when I was working on my paranormal romance Heavy Metal Heart (book 1 of my new series, Demon Rock). The hero, Trevor Sand, is a nearly immortal demon rock star, so I needed plenty of musical energy to pump through it. Misty Grant, the heroine, is definitely into his music, but has no idea about the supernatural side of things. Until one night, when she breaks out of her routine and goes to see Trevor do a rare show at a small venue. That one night not only brings her into his wild world, but also shows how she has a very special place there.

Fate and the power of Trevor’s music might’ve been bringing them together for their whole lives, but the action really gets started at that small show. There’s nothing like an intimate venue to concentrate all the beautiful chaos of rock and roll.

I’ve been to some big arena shows, where the band is no closer than some glittering constellations. I guess that’s why the call them rock stars. I think the last of these shows for me was U2’s Pop Mart tour (the one with the giant lemon). It was good to hear the music live, but it lacked the vitality of a small stage. I don’t carry a very strong memory of the show because it seemed too distant to impact me.

SAMSUNG CSCWhen you’re close to the amps and the band, you can literally feel the music thumping through your chest. As if it’s another heartbeat, the same one everyone else is feeling. Not only are you connected to the music, but also the rest of the crowd. Recently I went to an Adam Ant show with Zoë in a relatively small space. I was expecting the old tunes, same as you’ve heard on the radio. Instead, I was blown away by the band and their furious energy. Simple and raw rock and roll. Close enough to feel in your veins. That elation continued after the show, as people left the venue, still bonded by the unique experience.

Do you have any special concert memories in large or small venues? Leave a comment and I’ll pick one person at random to win a PDF copy of Heavy Metal Heart!

Thanks so much for coming by today. I’m looking forward to reading your responses.
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11 thoughts on “Guest Post by Author Nico Rosso on Rock and Roll + Giveaway

  1. Tina Turner’s Break Every Rule tour in Winnipeg MB in ’86/87. A huge venue, but my friend got us 4th row center tickets and it felt like a small venue just because of how close we were. Amazing energy. I was wired for days.

  2. I saw U2 a couple of years ago with forty-five thousand of my closest friends, ha ha. But I’ve been such a fan of theirs for so long, I didn’t care how crowded it was, I had a great time. Last year I saw Jack White in a small venue – there was something almost supernatural about the energy created by some of the songs, and the connection between him and the band (it was the Buzzards) and the crowd. It was an intense experience and it has stayed with me.

    Love this post! Heavy Metal Heart sounds fantastic!

    1. Both those shows sound cool, Sonya, for completely different reasons. I know what you mean about a supernatural feeling in a small venue. There have been times I’ve found myself in a kind of trance, almost like when I’m writing and it’s going really well. Thanks for your comments!
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  3. I got to see my favorite band Children of Bodom in a small venue and it was amazing!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

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