Guest Post by Nico Rosso on Concerts and Memories + Giveaway

slam dance with the devil by nico rossoToday is the release day for Nico Rosso’s latest venture into the world of demonic rock and roll. So I was thrilled when he asked me to host him today, and of course I have a review of the fantastic Slam Dance with the Devil here

They say (well actually Bob Seger said) that rock and roll never forgets. Maybe there is something otherworldly about that driving rhythm? Certainly once we’re hooked, we never forget it.

And now, let’s hear it from Nico…

Big thanks to Marlene for having me!

Heavy Metal Heart by Nico RossoWhen I was on Reading Reality for the release of the first Demon Rock book we talked about our most memorable concert experiences.

The second book, Slam Dance with the Devil, is out now and I’d like to broaden our horizons. Instead of thinking of a concert you’ve been to, what about picking any concert in history to attend?

I’ll admit that there’s one show in this latest book that I was really wishing I could go to while I was writing it. The hero, wild rocker Kent Gaol, and his band are playing an old venue in Chicago, complete with gilded walls and a chandelier. Of course they rock hard, but they’re all such accomplished musicians (being near-immortal demons who’ve been alive for thousands of years feeding off the energy of the crowd helps) they mix in classical music with the metal. The heroine, tough investigator Nona Harris, is lucky enough to see the show, though her journey with Kent isn’t all glamour. It’s a long, tough road she goes down, tracking Kent while falling into his paranormal world.

Besides this fictional concert, if I could pick one show to go to, I think I’d hit up one of the gigs The Doors played on the Sunset Strip in the ’60s. All that creative energy in a small venue would’ve been a hell of a thing to see.

What about you? What concert would you go to? It could be anything from Woodstock to Bach to Beck. Let me know in the comments and one random person will be selected to win a PDF of Slam Dance with the Devil.

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Nico is giving away a PDF copy of Slam Dance with the Devil. To enter the giveaway, fill out the rafflecopter, starting with Nico’s question, “If you could pick a concert to go to, past or present, what would it be?”

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7 thoughts on “Guest Post by Nico Rosso on Concerts and Memories + Giveaway

  1. Right now I’d have to say I’d love to have seen Rent. I was too young when it toured and I wish I had been able to see it live. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Izzy Stradlin and the JuJu Hounds, Austin, 92 or 93 (can’t remember.)

    Or Guns N Roses on the Aerosmith Tour in 1988.

  3. I never got to see that show either, erinf1. Tons of people loved it, so it must’ve been great live.

    Hey, Kinsey, I like where you’re heading with those concerts. Those would’ve been real bone-shakers.

    1. Hey Natasha,
      One of the great things about doing the promo for this Demon Rock series is getting to learn about new bands from people. I’d never heard of Behemoth, but thanks to you, I’ve discovered their music and see the videos. They must be incredible live. Thanks! And good luck with the giveaway!

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