Stacking the Shelves (184)

Stacking the Shelves

The next entries in two of my favorite, and therefore most anticipated, series popped up on Edelweiss this week. Every year, I look forward to another trip to Three Pines with the now retired Chief Inspector Gamache and his friends, so A Great Reckoning is now beckoning me. Likewise, I can’t wait to see how many dead bodies Bess Crawford uncovers in The Shattered Tree as World War I winds down. I’m also wondering what will happen to Bess when the war ends, but I hope we’re not there yet.

There’s also something truly unusual on this list. I probably haven’t bought a cookbook in 20 years, or even more. But I got four. A couple of months ago we got completely bored with our old standbys for dinner, and signed up with Blue Apron. It has been a revelation. It’s not just that the food is good, although it definitely is. It’s that we’ve discovered just how much we enjoy the shared activity at the end of the day, even when we occasionally screw it up. We’re having so much fun that we’ve started cooking again, and we’ve finally discovered a use for all of the various sizes of bowls and kitchen gadgets that we’ve accumulated over the years. But there’s always a downside. Now we need a bigger kitchen with more work space. Also a bigger pantry. And more storage for all the pots and pans. But it is still a marvelous adventure!

For Review:
An Accident of Stars (Manifold Worlds #1) by Foz Meadows
Death at a Fixer-Upper (Home Sweet Home #1) by Sarah T. Hobart
A Great Reckoning (Chief Inspector Gamache #12) by Louise Penny
The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
The Shattered Tree (Bess Crawford #8) by Charles Todd

Purchased from Amazon:
Autumn Cooking with Blue Apron
Redemption Bay (Haven Point #2) by RaeAnne Thayne
Spring Cooking with Blue Apron
Summer Cooking with Blue Apron
Winter Cooking with Blue Apron

Borrowed from the Library:
Where Secrets Sleep by Marta Perry

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  1. So many people have recommended Blue Apron to me. I keep thinking about doing it, but just haven’t taken the final step and signed up. I love to cook, but shopping for everything is a hassle, plus it seems like I always end up buying a bottle of something for a recipe, using one teaspoon, then throwing the rest away 2 yrs later. It would be great if all the ingredients were right there, in the correct proportions and ready to be used.

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