Stacking the Shelves (186)

Stacking the Shelves

I was ecstatic when Treachery’s Tools popped up on Edelweiss this week. the Imager Portfolio is one of my absolute favorite fantasy series, and I can’t resist a new book in it. So much so that when my Friday book just failed, I started Treachery’s Tools that night. In spite of not being able to post the review until OCTOBER. I couldn’t hold back, and had to read it now. And it’s every bit as much fun as I hoped.

Lucky for me, my friend Amy left me a couple of guest reviews to use “whenever” I needed one. I needed one this week so I could read something awesome!

For Review:
The Daredevil Snared (Adventurers Quartet #3) by Stephanie Laurens
Downtown Devil (Sins in the City #2) by Cara McKenna
Lord of the Darkwood (Tale of Shikanoko #3) by Lian Hearn
Rediscovering Raine by L.G. O’Connor
The Tengu’s Game of Go (Tale of Shikanoko #4) by Lian Hearn
Treachery’s Tools (Imager Portfolio #10) by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

Purchased from Amazon:
Legends: Fifteen Tales of Sword and Sorcery by K.J. Colt, David Adams, Lindsay Buroker, Michael G. Manning, C. Greenwood, Daniel Arenson, Megg Jensen, Michael J. Ploof , Morgan Rice, Nick Webb, M.S. Verish, Annie Bellet and K.F. Breene


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    1. The Modesitt was awesome. I’ve already finished it. If you’ve read the Imager Portfolio, this is what’s next and it’s on Edelweiss.

      Legends is still at the low, low price of 99 cents if you want to grab your own copy.

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