The Sunday Post AKA What’s on my (Mostly Virtual) Nightstand 9-10-17

Sunday Post

The track of Hurricane Irma is scheduled to reach Atlanta Monday night as a Tropical Storm. Which still means winds up to 72 mph. Which is OMG, but not as OMG as what hit Florida or the Caribbean. It helps to be inland. Pretty damn far inland. The expectation for this area is lots of rain, lots of wind, trees down and power outages. Nothing that can’t be survived, but needless to say a fun time will not be had by much of anyone when it hits.

We went out yesterday to buy the ingredients for “milk sandwiches” at the grocery store. Not that there really are such things as “milk sandwiches” but the way that people run out to buy milk and bread just before a major storm event, makes it seem possible. Peanut butter sandwiches, or something similar, are much more likely. And more useful, as peanut butter doesn’t spoil in a power outage. I suppose it could eventually, but it never lasts that long in this house!

Stay safe everyone. This looks like one for the history books.

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  1. Stay safe! I get the ATL weather alerts so I’ve been monitoring the situation. A lot of my fam lives in the area, plus a sibling who relocated from Miami for the week. I hope everyone survives Irma ok.

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