The Sunday Post AKA What’s on my (Mostly Virtual) Nightstand 2-11-18

Sunday Post

Welcome to the during ALA Midwinter Conference Madness early posting of my Sunday Post. As you read this, I’m in Denver, either freezing my extremities off, trapped in a meeting room or completely brain-fried after the end of my own three-day meeting marathon. Or possibly all of the above. Conference meeting rooms are not renowned for their temperature control capabilities in any city. I will be ending my tenure on one book awards committee and beginning my tenure on yet another. Which I generally enjoy, but spending most of a conference locked in a small meeting room with a whole bunch of colleagues who are all passionate about books (but not necessarily the same books) has both its upsides and its downsides. Especially when we get to the “wordsmithing” part of the agenda.

I hadn’t realized I had quite so many tour books scheduled for this coming week. My reading post-conference is often a crap-shoot, as things that I planned on in the clear light of pre-conference do not appeal post-conference because brain-fried. This year we’ll certainly see.

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  1. I hope your conference went well and you aren’t completely brain-fried. Or frozen, for that matter. And whatever you read this week, I hope it brings you joy and refreshes your spirit after what sounds like a marathon weekend. 🙂

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