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Welcome to the Winter is Coming Giveaway Hop,  hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island.

Winter is coming. Here in Atlanta, that may only be theoretical (it’s 60 here today) but it is coming. It may have already come where you are. In fact, it may have already come with a vengeance where you are!

As I’ve mentioned before, we have moved around a lot. We also moved over the summer. Last winter, the entire second floor of the house was freezing all winter. We’re still finding the hot spots and cold spots in this house, but we’ve already discovered we’re a location for one of Murphy’s Laws. The coldest room in the house is the master bathroom. It has two outside walls and it’s bloody freezing. Unfortunately that is one room where one is guaranteed to be spending at least some time partially unclothed. Talk about freezing your buns off!

The warmest room in the house is the downstairs  half bath, which, as you might imagine, only solves part of the problem with the above.

As both of us have a tendency to use the “throne room” as an otherwise cozy place to read, this is a bit of a problem – but I’m sure we’re motivated to figure it out.

But speaking of reading, winter is a terrific time to curl up with a good book, a cup of your hot beverage of choice, and a cuddly cat, dog, or other warm furry creature. To facilitate your resources for doing just that this winter, I am giving away the winner’s choice of either a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a book (or books if you can manage it) up to $10 in value from the Book Depository. Just answer the question in the rafflecopter for your chance at the prize!

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And for other fabulous prizes, be sure to visit the other stops on the hop!

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113 thoughts on “Winter is Coming Giveaway Hop

  1. Winter has shown up, gone, and now we are just waiting for it to show up again. It can’t make up it’s mind yet whether to stay or go again. It’s very frustrating.

  2. It comes and goes here in the Dallas area. It was in the 80’s this weekend and today we’re in the 40’s. Probably 70’s or 80’s again in a couple days.

  3. Winter has arrived here in eastern Washington. All week the temps are between about 15 and 35 degrees and we might get a little snow on the weekend.

  4. It never gets really cold in the SF Bay Area, but the rains have arrived (Thank God!) after a truly horrendous fire season, so we are all grateful for that.

  5. “Has winter already come where you are, or are you still waiting for it to arrive?” We have had snow, so, yes, winter is here.

  6. There has been some below freezing nights and days and a little bit of snow. Nothing that was worth mentioning though.

  7. Its not that cold where I am and hasnt been too bad either. We have some rain and thats about it. I wish it would snow to look at it. Its pretty..

  8. We have Winter. We received 12 inches of snow in a blizzard the Sunday into Monday after Thanksgiving. It is so beautiful.

  9. I live in SK canada so winters been here and its staying… we already had days where the temps were so cold your skin freezes in min to the exposure. We are used to -30C-40 during winter months. We’ve also had freezing rain so bad in the province that in the city of Regina they were using ice skates. (also some deaths due to the damned weather and vehicles) The hoar frost had been so bad that we had power outages all over the province.

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