The Sunday Post AKA What’s on my (Mostly Virtual) Nightstand 2-10-19

Sunday Post

In Atlanta we had “Fools’ Spring” this week. The temps went up to the low 80s for a couple of days. Then, of course, they dropped like a rock.

Little Hecate was spayed and microchipped this week, so she’s officially a big girl now – at all of 5 pounds soaking wet. Something that actually happens. Food is to eat, but water is to play with! (Unfortunately, so is iced tea!)

And this week’s schedule went into a blender. I started The Ruin of Kings, and it seems awesome – but it has footnotes. I don’t mind footnotes, but in an ebook they are at the end of the chapter, which is awkward. I got the audio and I’m hoping it will be like the audio of Ready Player One, where the footnotes were read just a bit sotto voce in their proper places in the text. Where they make sense. And I need an audio break from Recluce, not that I’m not loving the series. But they’re long, and I’ve been pretty deeply steeped in the series for months now. Time for a bit of a change.

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  1. Yes, I had the long audiobook thing going on with the Deathstalker series where they were all 25-35 hours. I took a break and am ready to go back to the latest one after the romance books I’ve been reading for Valentine’s Day. Have a good week.

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