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Wherever you are, HAPPY NEW YEAR! That it’s 2020 doesn’t seem quite real, does it? But here we are!

Everyone has New Year’s traditions, even if it’s just watching the ball drop  in Times Square on TV. There’s been a traditional Peach Drop here in ATL but it’s not happening this year.

Still, what’s your favorite thing to do to mark the New Year? Answer in the rafflecopter for your chance at either a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a $10 Book from the Book Depository.

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157 thoughts on “3…2…1…Giveaway Hop

  1. My favorite tradition is going to bed before midnight and missing the whole thing…haha! I find New Year’s Eve depressing.

  2. We really don’t have any new year’s traditions, but when I was little I always loved popping open a bottle of sparkling grape juice

  3. What’s your favorite New Year’s tradition? I don’t have one……

    Years ago we would go out or to friends but to many drunks on the road now so we just stay home

  4. our family has a memory jar and we write down cool things during the year and then read them out loud on new years eve!

  5. The whole family doing yardwork. I know, it’s cruel, but it’s the only time I get any help.

  6. My favorite new year’s tradition is staying up until midnight to count down to January 1st 🙂

  7. I used to stay up and watch the ball drop but I no longer have New Year’s traditions!

  8. I enjoy the chance to wish all my friends a great new year on social media. So, have a fantastic 2020 everyone!!

  9. I don’t really have any NYE/NY traditions….it’s kind of whatever comes up and we usually stay in.

  10. On New Year’s day I always make black eyed peas and corn bread like my mother and grandmother always did.

  11. I like cooking and then eating “good luck” Southern foods like ham, greens, and black eyed peas on New Year’s Day.

  12. My favorite New Year’s tradition is to sleep in, lol. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. We do take out and watch a movie or two until midnight pop some champagne then we go to bed.

  14. Toasting Martinelli’s with my family and then calling our close relatives so we can wish them a happy New Year.

  15. No real dinner just little stuff like shrimp cocktail, spinach dip with pumpernickel bread, and cheese and pepperoni :).

  16. I went for one last walk around the park to see the city lights it was very nice. I hope you had a good time as well.

  17. Now that we have grandchildren our favorite tradition is to have them sleep over on NYE so that their parents can have a night out and not worry about when they get home or have to wake up.

  18. We always eat black eyed peas and cornbread and that’s suppose to bring you good luck all year.

  19. My favorite New Year’s tradition is ringing in the New Year with my best friend & her family. We always have the BEST time!

  20. Staying home, out of the way of party folks. Can watch on tv. Plenty of fireworks already in my own neighborhood.

  21. My favorite New Years tradition is just hanging out with the kiddo while we wait for the ball to drop.

  22. No Laundry or Cleaning New Years Day! its nice to have a break, but then you gotta spend all week making up for one day. lol

  23. The only new years tradition my family has is to eat black eyed peas on new years day. Not my favorite thing haha

  24. My favorite New Years tradition is that on New Years eve we always have a big dinner of seafood.

  25. My favorite New Year tradition is to have a quiet night at home (away from the craziness) with my husband with our favorite foods and activities and having a toast at midnight.

  26. I don’t really have a favorite tradition. I usually stay home and think about how grateful I am for a new year.

  27. My favorite new years tradition is hanging out with family & friends, partying until midnight and then climbing into bed by 1am. It’s really the only late night party I attend every year.

  28. My favorite New Year’s tradition is the meal we have for New Year’s Day. We have a ham with turnip greens, black eyed peas and cornbread.

  29. In the past, it has been celebrating with my parents and other family. We all gather at my mom’s house. This year, I celebrated with my ex-boyfriends parents and siblings. lol I know it sounds weird…but they are my neighbors and even though I am not together with him anymore, I am still close with his mom and stepdad and his younger sister and brother. So, we played some games, ate some dinner, and then I was home and in bed by 10!

  30. I don’t have any big traditions, but for the past couple of years I’ve entered the new year together with my boyfriend and that has been really nice 🙂

  31. We often have a little party at home with treats on New Year’s eve. Most of us don’t make it to midnight so we hold the party in the early evening.

  32. We all go over my sister’s house and have a party and it doesn’t end till the ball drops on TV.

  33. What’s your favorite New Year’s tradition?

    I don’t have any traditions , not realy….just drink and party till morning


  34. We don’t have any NY’s “Traditions” but it is a Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics, and also the anniversary of my father’s burial….so going to Holy Mass is a must! Thanks and God bless you!

  35. i love to go to bed early on new years eve and then spend the day watching tv on new years day

  36. We geocache. There’s a new souvenir you can get each New Years Eve for finding a cache on the last day of the year and another finding a cache on the first day of the new year. So, going geocaching is something we do for New Years =) Also, New Years Day we celebrate the anniversary of hubby and my first date. 1/1/20 marked 14 years since our first one =)

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