The Sunday Post AKA What’s on my (Mostly Virtual) Nightstand 7-5-20

Sunday Post

To celebrate the end of of this 3-day weekend, here’s a picture of George stretched out very, very long. I have no idea what that thing is in the bottom of the picture. But George has become a very long, skinny drink of water in the last few weeks. Once he grows into his legs and tail he’s going to be a very big boy.

Have you seen the #Hamilfilm this weekend? We saw the play in the theater, in Chicago, but long after the original cast had left – and from slightly obstructed seats. So we’re looking forward to seeing all the parts we missed sometime this weekend. Along with a viewing of one of my favorite movies, 1776. As I was talking with a friend today, I realized that there is a similarity beyond the time period. Both plays, and both movies, rely on the music to tell the story. The sets were minimal, and so was the spoken dialog. It’s the music that moves, and the music that sticks in the mind long after the show is over.

Speaking of things that stick in the mind, this past week The Angel of the Crows really knocked me for a marvelous reading loop. If you like historical fantasy, or urban fantasy, or Sherlock Holmes, or wingfic, or Katherine Addison or Sarah Monette, this book is well and truly awesome. As was The Lost Princess Returns, but Lost Princess is the culmination of a long and deeply involved – and involving – series, while Angel is either an opening number or complete in itself. I sincerely hope it is an opening act, I’d love to see more in this world. And from this author.

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