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Welcome to the Back to School Giveaway Hop, hosted by Review Wire Media and Chatty Patty’s Place!

Just like last year, this is the second giveaway hop with a “back to school” theme. Very much unlike last year, this year that return to school will be digital-only for a lot of kids – and parents.  I imagine that every parent has learned some surprising things, both good and bad, about digital learning and just how difficult teachers’ jobs actually are. As well as trotting out an entire new vocabulary of “under their breath” curses and quite possibly some interesting drink recipes.

There’s a reason why the phrase “May you live in interesting times” is a CURSE and not a blessing. This is an adventure, in the sense that an adventure is something you wish was happening either long ago, far away, or to SOMEONE ELSE! Preferably all of the above.

Still, even though this is “Back to School” time, however that school might be conducted, we don’t ever really stop learning. And that’s a good thing!

To help you either get something to help you learn, or something to tide you over while things are still up in the air, I’m giving away my usual prize, the winner’s choice of a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a book up to $10 from the Book Depository. This giveaway is open everywhere the Book Depository ships!

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114 thoughts on “Back to School Giveaway Hop

  1. There are a lot of different perspectives on digital learning. I like it because I didn’t realize there are more resources for learning; the downside would be the lack of human contact. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Living rural with spotty coverage I drove the neighbor kids to town to hotspots so they could connect to do schoolwork in the spring. Looks like I’ll get a lot more reading time in waiting as the promised improvements have not occurred for the fall semester.

  3. I’m surprised at how quickly we’ve learned to adjust and actually like learning from home. We’ve been able to see the good side more than any negatives.

  4. An adjustment which will benefit many of the young since their future will depend on learning this new method and becoming flexible enough to succeed.

  5. There are more resources instantly available for students but it’s also so important for kids to have that in person contact by socializing. If course it’s out of the question now but hoping & praying this isn’t forever.

  6. I’ve become more aware of how online schooling further disadvantages poor and rural students. It seems obvious that improvements are necessary to make it a more equitable system of learning.

  7. I’m not in school, and don’t live with anyone in school, but it definitely seems as if there are some advantages (working more at your own pace, more resources) and disadvantages (big haves vs have nots divide, lack of social contact, harder to get individualized attention).

    Good luck to all the students, parents, and teachers. (And a shout out to all the support staff: bus drivers, administrators, custodians, kitchen workers, etc.)

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity

  8. I homeschooled for 10 years and virtual is similar. But, my kids missed their friends and activities. thank you

  9. I have learned that digital learning has its good points and its bad. I like it because I can focus and it saves me a long commute.

  10. Like everything in life, it has pros and cons. But I’ve tried it myself and really liked it.

  11. I learned about how it can fit a flexible lifestyle, and fit needs of more people. It’s better in terms of efficiency, too.

  12. I was always pleased that you could choose your own pace with digital learning. I was able to finish most courses quickly and conveniently without a daily commute to a brick and mortar school.

  13. I just wish my grandsons were able to interact more with their fellow students. I thnink losing out on the classroom experience of making new friends etc. will be missed.

  14. I personally don’t have kids in school but my grandsons are doing remote and my son says they aren’t as anxious as they are in school. They seem to follow along better and keep up with homework.

  15. I think it’s harder because kids are relying more on parents to teach them the material and parent’s don’t know how to do some assignments. My sister would come to me for help

  16. That my kids will actually do it. But also that even my super introvert is missing her friends in real life.

  17. Online education is hands-on! Much of the work assigned in the classes I’ve taken has been hands-on. Students are actively encouraged to leave their computers behind

  18. I am not surprised by digital learning I know people who have been doing it for years.

  19. That students can get the assignments and do it rather quickly and not have to sit. I know that the Zoom in area was hacked so I do not know what really happened.

  20. I thought the news out of Seattle that only 50% on elementary school kids logged in last year was pretty interesting. I would be interested in knowing the various factors for that. My first-grader grandson will have to sit for 3 1/2 hour long instruction via computer at home. I am not so sure that will be successful.

  21. I don’t have any school age kids but I think we need to provide better learning for rural children.

  22. I learned how quickly kids learn how to use the computer! They are better at it than me!

  23. I think my little niece likes in school learning best but she is doing online schooling now

  24. The kid seems to love it more. Don’t know why that is but he enjoys it a lot. 🙂

  25. I read 77% of academic leaders say its effectiveness is equal to or better than in-person learning.

  26. How good some people are doing using it. I think it’s hard for some people though because not everyone can get to a computer.

  27. I am a former public school teacher turned homeschool mom, so I already knew the level of work teachers put in and thankfully, we haven’t had many changes to our school day because of all of this. My kids did have dance and a little co-op art class on zoom for a while. What I learned was that it is difficult to have 2 kids on 2 different computers for different classes at the same time.

  28. I’m surprised at how much teachers have to learn to be able to do it.
    Thanks for the contest.

  29. I’ve learned just how important social interaction is! And nothing virtual can replace it.

  30. It’s something that was switched to so easily , that it should have been a valid option so long ago.

  31. I learned that a lot of online learning is using videos that kids can access at any time, instead of having a live person there to interact with.

  32. I hate to say it but my kid didn’t learn much either way, in the classroom or distance learning. His teachers just didn’t impart much either way.

  33. I guess for me (teacher) the most surprising thing I learned was how many kids were tech savvy and had to teach me …. and how many did so much better when on e-learning than in class

  34. E-learning as a mom of 2 in school and 2 to young for school is rather rough and it actually really rough trying to do it all

  35. My high school-age son does really well with asynchronous learning. When lessons and videos and discussion boards are available to be accessed on your own schedule, he embraces it and works hard and achieves. He does not do so well with synchronous learning and endless Zoom meetings. It is too easy to tune out and he feels like he can get the work done better and faster on his own — the Zoom meetings feel like a waste of time to him.

  36. Digital learning for elementary age children is very difficult for both kids and parents. It’s going to take awhile to work out the problems.

  37. how much time it takes to keep my kids focused on what they are supposed to be doing.

  38. It is “easily accessible” but not free to the majority of online learners. I believe any kind of work should be compensated, including schoolwork, and companies should be monitoring promising talent from online and in person avenues, and hiring people as soon as they are legally allowed to work. Government should realize that kids are not bringing in any money (usually), but they are required to work full-time at school with no pay. Encouraging kids to learn by offering them money based on ability, would be better than nothing. I know my view isn’t a popular one, but it is my view nonetheless.

  39. My daughter is able to concentrate more because she doesn’t have distractions of the other students.

  40. I was surprised how easily my kids adjusted. But then again, we are in a very technology centered world, so I really should not be surprised at all.

  41. My high school age daughter has been asking to do online schooling for a couple of years. I have said no mostly because I’m not a teacher and am not sure I could keep up with monitoring her work to make sure she gets it done. With Covid-19 and school going online for many students, with teachers from her home high school for instruction and support, I am very pleased to have learned that she is capable and motivated to do her work without much input from me. I just check in weekly on her grades and remind her to be turning work in. And she loves it!

  42. It’s possible, but just not the same. Especially for classes like theater, band, choir, gym and art.

  43. I liked it ok it didn’t matter to much to me, it’s nice to have an instructor but with zoom and lots of other resources, ya know for most people your educational attainment is really connected to your determination. People do what they want, that’s usually true. Math though I needed tutoring and so maybe that would be something that some might struggle with to obtain.

  44. I haven’t really had much experience with digital learning – my son is still in school and hasn’t done much online

  45. I’m not familiar with it because my girls are graduated. But I think the parents should still be there to help.

  46. I’ve learned it’s crazy hard to work full time while being responsible for your child’s education

  47. It’s not as easy as you think it would be. There are so many distractions, especially TV and cell phone and not all of the instructions are clear.

  48. I have learned that I miss the days where I only let my child have an hour on the computer now its zombie child!

  49. How draining it can be! The screen seems to suck energy, while denying me the real human connection that I crave.

  50. That digital learning can sometimes be a lot harder for people (students, parents, and teachers)!

  51. The most surprising thing I learned was that it doesn’t hold kids attention. (Go figure?)

  52. my kids school has done a good job and im surprised how engaged the kids are from home!

  53. I learned that digital learning is a choice is necessary right now for the good of many but does not work for some students. We are doing okay with the setup for two of my children but the third is really struggling with being engaged with teachers, classmates, and the school work.

  54. I have learned you can adjust to any situation. I also know kids these days are taught a much different way than we were….LOL

  55. I was surprised that my kids really enjoyed digital learning and liked doing their assignments.

  56. I learned that it’s a new adjustment but that it works just as good as in person learning, I do miss the social interactions my children were getting before this though.

  57. I’ve learned that there’s a learning curve to getting it figured out, but we can do this!

  58. How much less talkative my son is in class. LOL Now that parents are around we see what our kids are up to.

  59. I’m surprised that it has advanced to a live broadcast version compared to just the instructional videos that I experienced a few years back.

  60. Hi my name is Jason. Everyday is a learning experience. We can learn from small things to big things. It can be the chores that we do. form our children while we are assisting them during homeschooling. Let us always take each opportunity to improve ourselves in the things that we do.

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