Stacking the Shelves (69)

Stacking the Shelves

There’s an irony in this post being called “Stacking the Shelves” as we are very much trying to unstack the physical shelves at our apartment. Thankfully the titles listed below don’t add any weight to our actual shelves, as the only print title on the list is the one that belongs the public library.

But we’re moving in EEK two weeks, and we’re downsizing. So the book collection has to be reduced from 20ish Billy bookcases to about 5. If there’s anyone in Seattle who wants to talk about buying some older romance, fantasy or SF, or some used IKEA bookcases…this opportunity will be disappearing fast!

For Review:
The Arnifour Affair (Colin Pendragon #1) by Gregory Harris
The Chance (Thunder Point #4) by Robyn Carr
Christmas at Copper Mountain (Copper Mountain Christmas) by Jane Porter
Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews
Come a Little Bit Closer (Sullivans #7) by Bella Andre
The Cottage on Juniper Ridge (Life in Icicle Falls #4) by Sheila Roberts
Dark Moon (Spirit Wild #2) by Kate Douglas
Known Devil (Occult Crimes Unit Investigation #3) by Justin Gustainis
Master of Crows by Grace Draven
Scarlet Devices (Steam and Seduction #2) by Delphine Dryden
Soul Sucker (Soul Justice #1) by Kate Pearce
The Sweetest Seduction (Kelly Brothers #1) by Crista McHugh

Payoff (Mindspace Investigation #1.5) by Alex Hughes

Borrowed from the Library:
Fables Encyclopedia by Bill Willingham, Jess Nevins and Mark Buckingham

Echoing Walls

The rooms echo. It’s always a surprise how much the furniture dampens the noise we make. And how quickly a team of movers can ship it all away.

Another adventure.

Our stuff is somewhere down the road. The driver said his next stop is Boise. We’ll see him again next week. Hopefully Wednesday. Probably Thursday. We’re beat.

The car is inside the truck with our furniture. Watching them drive it inside the semi was surprisingly cool. It’s also amazing how small a percentage of our stuff the car makes up, at least by volume. Maybe not by weight. Maybe compared to the books, I don’t want to know.

The cats are not happy. It’s like sharing a hotel room with three very leaky teakettles. Everyone hisses. Steam explodes at inopportune moments.

Our current hotel room has a chair. Everyone keeps trying to hide inside the chair. The chair will not accommodate all three cats at once. Once in a while, the feline version of World War III breaks out. Ten minutes later, it’s nap time again. Until the next battle.

The bed, thank goodness, is a platform bed. For once, they are not hiding under the bed. Getting them all to the vet for their health certificates (we’re flying them to Seattle) was enough fun without that.

Jim Butcher’s Cold Days is awesome. I never thought I’d want to read on my iPhone. I was wrong. On weeks like this, having something to read in my back pocket is a life-saver.