Astraea Press Ebooks, November 2011

  1. Believe by Liz Botts
  2. Christmas Phoenix by Patricia Kiyono
  3. A Cornish Christmas by Nell Dixon
  4. A Dog Gone Christmas by Lindsay Downs
  5. Gentry's Gallery of Angels by Stephy Smith
  6. Journey to Her Dreams by Iris Blobel
  7. Lizzie and the Guernsey Gang by April W. Gardner
  8. Operation: Christmas Hearts by Kay Springsteen
  9. Over Coffee by Barbara Briggs Ward
  10. The Parting Gift by Rachel Van Dyken, Leah Sanders
  11. Sanders Cross by Stephy Smith
  12. To Christmas with Love by Jennifer Robins
  1. Stephanie at Five Alarm Book Reviews (rating: 3/5)
  1. Ananda at Books to Remember (rating: 3/5)
  2. Reviews R Mine (rating: 4.5/5)
  1. Ananda at Books to Remember (rating: 3/5)
  1. Reviews R Mine (rating: 4.25/5)
  2. Ronda Tutt at Queen Tutt's World of Escapism (rating: 4/5)
  3. Zee at Fire Pages (rating: 5/5)
  4. Jenna Dixon at Jenna's Journal
  5. Melissa at Sizzling Hot Books (rating: 4/5)
  6. Clu's All Night Preview at Clu's Review
  7. Iris at Iris Blobel (rating: 4/5)
  8. Linda Drehmel at Phoenix: Reviews
  1. Reviews R Mine (rating: 4.5/5)
  2. Sharon at The Eclectic Review
  1. Ruth Millar at Amazon UK (rating: 5/5)
  2. Super E-books
  1. Reviews R Mine (rating: 4.75/5)
  2. Beth at Beth's Wild and Crazy Book Reviews
  3. Beverly at Sizzling Hot Books (rating: 5/5)
  4. Books are Sanity
  1. Beverly at Sizzling Hot Books (rating: 3/5)
  1. Sweetly Reviewed (rating: 20/20)
  1. Amazon (rating: No Reviews)
  1. Goodreads (rating: No Reviews)

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