Review Policy

I have been blogging at Reading Reality for over six years now. Originally I regularly accepted books in any of my preferred categories, if they struck me as interesting. But times have changed, and there is a phenomenon I call the “so many books, so little time” vortex. If I did not add another book to my virtual TBR pile from this day forward, I would still have enough to read for at least five years. And, of course, no reader ever stops picking up new books.

What does this mean? That it is now very, very, very rare, as in once in a blue moon rare or hen’s teeth rare, for me to review a book that is sent to me on spec. If it’s someone I already know, and they know who they are, then I’ll probably do it because I’m already hooked. But otherwise, there’s just no time.

So sending an unsolicited review copy will not get a review. And it probably won’t get a return email. And I’ll apologize for that upfront, but that is just the way it is. There are just so many books, and there is just so little time.


I review on the letter grade scale, A-F.

A: I stayed up past my bedtime to finish. Either I couldn’t put it down or I couldn’t stop talking about it. Or possibly both.
B: Excellent story. Definitely recommended.
C: Good fun.  I enjoyed the time I spent with the story and/or characters.
D: A few okay bits but an overall disappointment.
F: Only finished the book because I promised to review it.

I post all my reviews on Goodreads. I will cross-post on Amazon if specifically requested.