Astraea Press Ebooks, May 2012

  1. All We See or Seem by Leah Sanders
  2. The Gangster's Daughter by Kendall Evans
  3. Invitation to a Stranger by Margaret Pearce
  4. Just a Little Faith by Amy J. Norris
  5. Legend of the Touched by J.F. Jenkins
  6. Lost Indian Gold by Robert G. Rogers
  7. Never Trust a Pretty Wolf by Elaine Cantrell
  8. The Overnighter's Secrets by J.L. Salter
  9. The Trouble With Charlie by Catherine Bennett
  10. Upon a Midnight Dream by Rachel Van Dyken
  11. Vala: Heritage by J.F. Jenkins
  12. The Warden's Lantern by Joselyn Vaughn
  13. The Week at Mon Repose by Margaret Pearce
  14. What Fills the Heart by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
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