Astraea Press Ebooks, June 2012

  1. All You Need is Love by Cathy Tully
  2. At What Cost by J. Andersen
  3. By God's Grace by Felicia Rogers
  4. Cindy Jones by Margaret Pearce
  5. A New Bay Wedding by Nell Dixon
  6. Overshadow by Brea Essex
  7. The Peculiar Princess by Christina Graham Parker
  8. The Sanctuary by Cara Cooper
  9. Swap Over by Margaret Pearce
  10. Wind Over Marshdale by Tracy Krauss
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  2. Stacey at Romancing the Book (rating: 1/5)
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  1. Iris Blobel at Iris Blobel (rating: 4/5)
  1. Cuzinlogic (rating: 2.5/5)
  1. Nikki A. at Elegant Bookworm (rating: 4/5)
  2. English Rose at Clean Romance Reviews
  1. Jennifer Gravely at Amazon (rating: 5/5)
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