Astraea Press Ebooks, August 2012

  1. Cats and Cowboys by Ruth J. Hartman
  2. A Collie Rescue by Lindsay Downs
  3. A Forbidden Union by Lorraine James
  4. Heartfelt by Kay Springsteen
  5. Legend of the Forbidden by J.F. Jenkins
  6. Rafael by K. Victoria Chase
  7. Shakedown by J. Gunnar Grey
  1. Melissa Guthrie at Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries and More (rating: 5/5)
  1. Iris at Iris Blobel (rating: 4/5)
  1. Goodreads (rating: No Reviews)
  1. Beverly at Sizzling Hot Books (rating: 5/5)
  2. English Rose at Clean Romance Reviews
  1. Danielle at Coffee Time Romance (rating: 3/5)
  1. Carole Towriss at Goodreads (rating: 5/5)
  1. Goodreads (rating: No Reviews)