Help me, I’m a biblioholic!

I know the t-shirt says “So many books, so little time,” but I started looking around to see exactly how many books, and it’s become rather alarming.

I stopped buying “dead tree” books about a year ago.  Notice I said buying.  I haven’t stopped reading them.  I just get them from the library when I can’t get ebooks. I also still have ginormous To Be Read (TBR) piles left from when I did buy them.  And then, there are the 40 books I have out from the library at the moment.  And the 200+ books on my wishlist.  And my ebook TBRs on my iPad.

And did I mention that we own over 1,000 pounds of books that between my husband and I, we have actually read?  I probably didn’t.  And, it’s probably closer to a ton, anyway.  When we moved to, and from, Alaska, our worldly goods got weighed.  And nearly a ton of said worldly goods were books.  I do weed the collection every time we move, but clearly, not enough.  (After I dropped off my weeded books at Goodwill in Tallahassee, they were putting up a sign for a booksale practically as I pulled out of the lot.  I mean really, just because the boxes filled the trunk and the car!)

The keepers represent the books I loved enough to buy, continue to buy that author, and recommend to others.  I’ve used my shelves as a time capsule of my tastes over the years, and as a way of visiting old friends between their pages.  There are books that naturally open to particular scenes, and there are books I’ve kept because I loved them dearly, even if they were too painful to ever read again.

As I look around my office, the walls surround me with bookshelves full of books I have not just read, but cared about.  And the living room, the guest room, and my husband’s office also have many bookshelves.  The task of deciding which ones I care about enough to keep is going to consume a lot of the next six weeks.  Because we’re moving again, and it’s time for some (a lot) of these to go. 

So many books, so little time, indeed!

Monster Bookshelves
Actual photo, do not try this at home!