Thanksgiving Day 2018: A Reading List

Galen here, once again borrowing Marlene’s blog for a holiday post.

Hecate the kitten looking forward to turkey – or well, anything she can bite, really.

Sometimes it is the tiniest of things for which I am thankful. For example, this year I am thankful for the little ball of energy and bitey-ness pictured here, who came into our lives (and care) last month and has been growing ever since.

I have been spending a lot of time with her — rather unavoidably, considering she had to be syringe-fed when we got her — but of course I found it no great burden to take care of such a wee kitten. She has been a distraction as well, but only in part.

Unlike Thanksgiving two years ago, I am finding a bit more hope that this country may yet move past the governance by the unfit. Too political a statement for this post? Too political for the virtual Thanksgiving table? Perhaps, but these are not times that permit much beating around the bush nor falling sway to distractions. We can be thankful that there is yet time and space to act to preserve our republic and to work towards a more perfect realization of our country’s best ideals — to say nothing of acting to keep our planet habitable — but so much work lies ahead of us all.

Let us eat, drink, and be merry, for falling prey to hopelessness achieves nothing, but let us also consider what must happen for us to be even more thankful in future years.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day 2018: A Reading List

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you and your furbabies. Hecate is lucky to have found herself in such a caring home. I know she’ll thrive and return your care in limitless feline ways.

  2. I shelter elderly rescues and tend to some feral colonies. A month or so ago, a small black cat was with the colonies, and I knew he didn’t fit in. I got him in the cat carrier after a few tries, and he has been with us for a while now. Today, Happy Thanksgiving, he has now let me start petting him. I will acclimate him into the 12 I have now. I have screen doors in my house, so no one feels shut out. I love reading that others care as much as I do. God Bless you for being so kind.

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