Astraea Press Ebooks, July 2012

  1. Abiding Echoes by Kay Springsteen
  2. Beguiling Bridget by Leah Sanders, Rachel Van Dyken
  3. Control by J.F. Jenkins
  4. Emily Dahill CID Part Two by Lindsay Downs
  5. Flight for Life by Stephy Smith
  6. Knight of the Dead by Jennifer Rae Gravely
  7. The Super Spies and the High School Bomber by Lisa Orchard
  8. Sword and Illusion by Nancy S. Brandt, Steven R. Brandt
  9. The Watchers by Monique O'Connor James
  10. What Happened to Anna? by Jennifer Robins
  11. Wild for Love by Carol Maclean
  1. Tamara at Sizzling Hot Books (rating: 4/5)
  1. Kathy at Goodreads (rating: 2.5/5)
  1. Gin Bryant at Addicted to Words (rating: 3.5/5)
  1. Iris Blobel at Iris Blobel (rating: 4/5)
  1. Mav at Coffee Time Romance (rating: 2/5)
  1. Lily at Lily Element (rating: 4/5)
  1. Kissablysweet1 at Have You Heard My Book Review (rating: 5/5)
  2. Juliette at Paperbacks and Frosting (rating: 4/5)
  3. Rachel at Libby Blog (rating: 3/5)
  4. Arianna at swlothian (rating: 5/5)
  5. Mallory at Mallory Heart Reviews (rating: 5/5)
  6. Haley at Passing The Pages (rating: 4/5)
  1. Juliette at Paperbacks and Frosting (rating: 5/5)
  1. Cuzinlogic (rating: 4.5/5)
  1. Marissa at Sizzling Hot Books (rating: 1/5)
  2. Bella at Bella's Paranormal Reviews (rating: 2.5/5)
  1. Goodreads (rating: No Reviews)

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