Curiosity Quills Press Ebooks, December 2011

  1. The Department of Magic by Rod Kierkegaard Jr.
  2. Family Cursemas by Rod Kierkegaard Jr.
  3. Shadow of a Dead Star by Michael Shean
  1. Shiloh at Thoughts of a Snarky Writer (rating: 2/5)
  2. Ian Caithness at Dead Ink
  3. Nicki at Nicki J Markus (rating: 2/5)
  4. Ginny Lurcock at Pure Textuality (rating: 4/5)
  5. Tiffany at Nocturne Romance Reads (rating: 4/5)
  6. Steph at Fangs Wands and Fairy Dust
  7. Kathy at Inside of a Dog
  8. Liz Winn at Book Reviews by Liz Winn
  9. Wolf at Wolf Majick (rating: 4/5)
  10. Sarah at Short and Sweet Reviews
  11. Wolfshowl at Opinions of a Wolf (rating: 1/5)
  12. Cherie Reich at Surrounded by Book Reviews (rating: 3/5)
  13. William Bentrim at Pick of the Literate
  1. Nina Post at Goodreads (rating: 4/5)
  1. Chris Hallock at Chiaroscuro
  2. Ian Caithness at Dead Ink
  3. Shiloh at Thoughts of a Snarky Writer (rating: 1/5)
  4. Jeff Bennington at The Kindle Book Review
  5. Pixie at The Bookaholic (rating: 4.5/5)
  6. Bonnie at Bookish Ardour (rating: 4/5)
  7. David Marshall at Thinking About Books
  8. Karen at Karen DeLabar
  9. J.A. Beard at Good Book Alert (rating: 4.5/5)
  10. Holly at Full Moon Bites (rating: 5/5)
  11. T Riddell at WebbWeaver Reviews (rating: 4/5)