The Sunday Post AKA What’s on my (Mostly Virtual) Nightstand 1-15-17

Sunday Post

This was a weird week. Somewhere around Sunday I realized that I wasn’t getting anywhere reading serious books, even the ones I wanted to read, and just scrapped the whole idea. I basically hit a slump and just needed to read stuff for fun. So I did. I picked up some stuff that I’ve been hoping to read but never got a round tuit, and had a blast. Obviously I need to be way more careful about stacking up too many of one thing, unless it’s for fun.

I enjoyed Clean Sweep so much that I couldn’t resist reading the whole series in one fell swoop. Or one swell foop. So Sweep in Peace is coming up this week and One Fell Sweep either next week or the week after. If you haven’t read the series, just let me say that it definitely lives up to its rave reviews.

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