Stacking the Shelves (260)

Stacking the Shelves

Welcome to the first post-move Stacking the Shelves.

We have BOXES! OMG do we have boxes. Most rooms are not too bad at this point, but the center of my office is just a sea of boxes, and probably will be for a while longer. Let’s just say it’s all a work in progress.

Freddie is just starting to come out of his shell. He got very upset by the whole move, and spent a lot of time hiding IN the fireplace. He’s tabby enough that he blended into the logs that are there, giving us some very scary moments. But he’s starting to come back to his usual frenetic, intrusive, overwhelmingly lovey-dovey self. He’s the first cat I’ve ever had who regularly licks my face. It’s weird, but it’s part of his routine at night. And we love him so it’s okay.

And we’re already looking at getting him a playmate. But meanwhile, I have new books. Of course I do. I ALWAYS have new books!

For Review:
Back Home at Firefly Lake (Firefly Lake #3) by Jen Gilroy
Cave of Bones (Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito #22) by Anne Hillerman
Heart Sight (Celta’s Heartmates #15) by Robin D. Owens
Sisters Like Us (Mischief Bay #1) by Susan Mallery
The Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams

Purchased from Amazon:
The Forbidden Heir (Four Arts #2) by M.J. Scott

7 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves (260)

  1. I am glad Freddie is starting to return to his normal self. When we moved six years ago, I had two cats and a dog. My dog adjusted quickly to the new environment (all he cared about were his people), but it took time for the cats to adjust. My senior cat made the transition much quicker than my younger cat at the time. She was always hiding–and in the strangest places! Eventually, she did adjust, but it took awhile. Okay, now I’m sad. All three are no longer with us. I have to pause and go give my Gracie some hugs.

    Your new books all look awesome! I really want to give Susan Mallery a try one of these days. And Summer Wives sounds good! I hope you enjoy all your new books! Have a great weekend, Marlene! Happy November.

  2. One of my cats used to sleep on my pillow at night and “groom” me by licking my hair. I never liked cat spit in my hair! 😉 I know she did it out of love, but it drove me crazy. Moving is always stressful on cats, and poor Freddie has had a double whammy with losing his playmate. Hopefully, he settles in nicely.

    I have the Celta’s Heartmates series on my Wishlist. It sounds like something I’d enjoy! Have a great week!

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