Stacking the Shelves (308)

Stacking the Shelves

This stack is extremely short.  So short that I actually looked for books to buy so this cupboard didn’t look quite so bare. Which is really weird, since the towering TBR pile, while virtual, looms very, very large indeed.

I think it’s also an issue that things just didn’t look good to me – not that there isn’t plenty out there. But the political situation in the US has become so depressing that I’m not able to be absorbed in books the way that I normally am. I’m bouncing off a lot of things because I just can’t get my head to stop whirling – with all the nausea that accompanies the whirls. Any recommendations for books that are so absorbing that they make the world go away would be much appreciated!

For Review:
Mission: Her Rescue (Team 52 #2) by Anna Hackett
Robots vs. Fairies edited by Dominik Parisien
The Victory Garden by Rhys Bowen

Purchased from Amazon:
Death Shall Come (Ishmael Jones #4) by Simon R. Green
Into the Thinnest of Air (Ishmael Jones #5) by Simon R. Green
Mycroft and Sherlock by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse (preorder)


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  1. Ugh, yes, sometimes the news can be so depressing 🙁

    I just finished The Girl in 6E by A.J. Torres, and it is a very dark thriller. I already requested the second book in the series from the library.

    My last 5-star read was Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young. The protagonist is a kickass Viking heroine!
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