Stacking the Shelves (511)

Two books here feel like a blast from the past. It’s even the same past, as I’m pretty sure I was reading the early books in both series at around the same time. One is Sword-Bearer by Jennifer Roberson and the other is Into the West by Mercedes Lackey. I read both the first book in Roberson’s Tiger and Del series (Sword-Dancer) and the first book in Lackey’s Valdemar series (Arrows of the Queen) when they first came out back in the mid-1980s. My reading of both series fell prey to the “so many books, so little time conundrum” but it’s good to have them both back again.

BTW, the first book in the Founding of Valdemar subseries, Beyond, was excellent and a terrific way to get back into Valdemar if you’ve been gone from it a long time – as I had. Now I’m eager to read this next installment!

For Review:
Big Red by Jerome Charyn
The Cloisters by Katy Hays
Empire of Exiles (Books of the Usurper #1) by Erin M. Evans
Furious Heaven (Sun Chronicles #2) by Kate Elliott
The High Mountain Court (Five Crowns of Okrith #1) by A.K. Mulford
The Hostage by A.F. Carter
Into the West (Founding of Valdemar #2) by Mercedes Lackey
Long Past Summer by Noué Kirwan
The Monsters We Defy by Leslye Penelope (audio)
Nameless Acts of Cruelty by Julie Cameron
Queen of Thieves by Beezy Marsh
The Rogue Crown (Five Crowns of Okrith #3) by A.K. Mulford
Sister, Maiden, Monster by Lucy A. Snyder
Sleep No More (Lost Night Files #1) by Jayne Ann Krentz
Some Desperate Glory by Emily Tesh
Sword-Bearer (Tiger and Del #8) by Jennifer Roberson
The Witches’ Blade (Five Crowns of Okrith #2) by A.K. Mulford

Purchased from Amazon/Audible:
Buffalo Soldier by Maurice Broaddus

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