Stacking the Shelves (598)

Yet another eclectic group of books. As always, this is a combination of books for my current committee, books I’ll be reviewing for Library Journal, and books I just plain want to read.

Speaking of which, the book that I’m anticipating the most out of this batch, the one I’ve been salivating over for months, ever since I read the first book in its series, The Kamogawa Food Detectives, is The Restaurant of Lost Recipes. I loved the first book, and I expect to love the second as well. IMHO the prettiest cover is The City in Glass by Nghi Vo, but that’s an accolade that has plenty of contenders this week. The two books I’m most curious about this go around are The Lantern of Lost Memories and We’ll Prescribe You a Cat – and not just because both books have cats on their covers!

For Review:
The City in Glass by Nghi Vo
Dr. Josef’s Little Beauty by Zyta Rudzka, translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones
In the Glittering Maw by Joyce Mansour
The Jewish Anarchist Movement in America by Joseph Cohen
Kissing Girls on Shabbat by Sara Glass
Klara’s Truth by Susan Weissbach Friedman
Knightqueen (Oronis Knights #3) by Anna Hackett
The Lantern of Lost Memories by Sanaka Hiiragi, translated by Jesse Kirkwood
Letters from Home by Malka Z. Simkovich
Living with Our Dead by Delphine Horvilleur, translated by Lisa Appignanesi
Memories of My Life in a Polish Village, 1930-1949 by Toby Knobel Fluek
Memories of the Lost by Barbara O’Neal
Metamorphoses by Karolina Watroba
The Number on Your Forearm is Blue Like Your Eyes by Eva Umlauf with Stefanie Oswalt, translated by Shelley Frisch
The Punk-Rock Queen of the Jews by Rossi
The Restaurant of Lost Recipes (Kamogawa Food Detectives #2) by Hisashi Kashiwai, translated by Jesse Kirkwood
Safety Through Solidarity by Shane Burley ad Ben Lorber
They Were Good Germans Once by Evelyn Toynton (May)
We’ll Prescribe You a Cat by Syou Ishida, translated by E. Madison Shimoda
The Whisper Sister by Jennifer S. Brown

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  1. The Number on Your Forearm is Blue Like Your Eyes sounds like it will be a very heartbreaking read! Its still unfathomable that such atrocities took place

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