The Sunday Post AKA What’s on my (Mostly Virtual) Nightstand 6-9-24

After a couple of weeks of mostly ‘meh’, this was an absolutely FAN-DAMN-TASTIC reading week. Any week where the LOW grade is A- is just a damn good week all the way around!

Next week is mostly set as well. The one book I’m not sure about is I’m Afraid You’ve Got Dragons. Not because I’m worried that the dragons won’t be good dragons, but because I’m in the middle of listening to the latest in Suzanne Palmer’s Finder Chronicles, Ghostdrift, and it’s absolutely awesome and I’m seriously getting that compulsion to switch to text just so I can find out what the hell happens that much sooner.

Topping off this beautiful reading week, here’s a bee-you-ti-ful picture of the beauteous Luna showing off her best ‘come hither’ expression. Which is very, very good indeed. Who could resist that face? Certainly not either of us!

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Early Summer Giveaway Event
A- #BookReview: The Fireborne Blade by Charlotte Bond
Grade A #BookReview: On the Fox Roads by Nghi Vo
A+ #BookReview: Fiasco by Constance Fay
A+ #BookReview: Service Model by Adrian Tchaikovsky
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Coming This Week:

The Runes of Engagement by Dave Klecha and Tobias S. Buckell (#BookReview)
We Speak Through the Mountain by Premee Mohamed (#BookReview)
The Mausoleum’s Children by Aliette de Bodard (#BookReview)
I’m Afraid You’ve Got Dragons by Peter S. Beagle (#BookReview)
The Hero She Craves by Anna Hackett (#BookReview)

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