Turn it up

Turn it Up by Inez Kelley is a story about two people who have been best friends for a very long time. Their friendship is the most important relationship that either of these two people have in their lives, and neither of them wants to jeopardize it. But risking it all might bring something even better than friendship.

To their radio listeners, Dr. Bastian Talbot and Charlie Pierce are Dr. Hot and the Honeypot. Charlie is “Honeypot”, one-part unlicensed sex therapist, one-part adventuress, one-part sex kitten, and all goddess. Bastian is a real-life M.D.–he’s there to provide medical advice when callers ask questions about pregnancy, STDs, and other real-life consequences of sexual activity. But mostly, they banter with each other, and sometimes the flirting gets pretty steamy.

But they’ve always been all talk, and no action. For most of the years they’ve known each other, Bastian has been married, and he took it seriously, even when his marriage went wrong. Charlie values Bastian’s friendship way more than fulfilling any (and every) fantasy she has about him. She definitely does sex, and lots of it, but she doesn’t do commitment. Bastian does commitment. He’s been single for over a year, and he’s decided exactly what commitment he wants to make. He wants Charlie. Not just for a night, or even a few months. He wants forever. And Charlie doesn’t do forever. Ever.

Bastian wants marriage. Charlie wants sex. They end up challenging each other, not just figuratively, but literally. On the air. They declare a contest: Wed or Bed. As the ratings for their radio show skyrocket, they find their way towards a relationship that is more than just friendship, in spite of the baggage they both carry.

Escape Rating A: Watching these two people negotiate a way towards each other was well worth reading this book. This story was built on friendship, and on two very clever people who talked their way into a relationship. I enjoyed reading the conversations between Bastian and Charlie. I wish I could listen to their radio show. I bet it would be hilarious!