Science Fiction Reading Challenge

The 2012 Science Fiction Reader Challenge is hosted by Working for the Mandroid. I love the name of this blog. There are some blogs I’ve discovered with really terrific names, and this is one.  (Confessions of a Toxic Friend is another, but totally different focus)

Back on topic, Working for the Mandroid is running the Science Fiction Reader Challenge this year. Being related to Science Fiction, it is not simply a “read 20 books and you’re done” type challenge. Oh, no.

The geek girl running Working for the Mandroid has very specific science fictional categories I have to read in to fulfill this challenge.  Aren’t you curious?

YA/MG (Young Adult/Middle Grades) Science Fiction
Adult Science Fiction
Hugo Winner
SF Classic (Pre-1950’s)
SF Modern Classic (1951-1992)
Time Travel/Alternate History/Parallel Universe
Mad Scientists/Genetic Testing/Environmental Disaster

Thank goodness the Mandroid provides links to references for all of these. I have ideas for some. I even have books already lined up for some. But there are a couple I’m going to have to go hunting for. And for anyone thinking that the Steampunk here and the Steampunk challenge overlap just a teensy bit, the answer is, heck yes! And why not? It’s allowed.