Bitten by the Paranormal Romance Reading Challenge

I read a lot of paranormal romance. I remember when Anita Blake used to kick more asses than she bit. That was a lot of books ago. But I still keep hoping…

When I read that Bitten by Paranormal Romance would be running a Paranormal Romance Reading Challenge in 2012, I signed up. The challenge is to read 20 paranormal romances. The real challenge is to be certain that they are paranormal, and not urban fantasy. Figuring out which witch is which can sometimes be a classic case of “your mileage may vary”. But if one book doesn’t pass muster, the next one will.

And no YA or novellas need apply.

Still, I’ll be done by the end of February, or March at the latest. I’m in the middle of my first book now.

And speaking of YMMV, I’m not sure about either of the buttons. You be the judge.


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