NetGalley Review-a-Thon

What an utterly cool idea!

Lisa at Adventures of 2.0 is hosting a NetGalley Review-a-Thon event as the post-NetGalley Month “debriefing” this weekend. The thought being that since we read all those lovely NetGalley books last month, we need to catch up on our reviewing.

Because reading the books is fun. Writing up what we read can be, well, not so much.

Since we have to commit to how many reviews we’re going to write (but not necessarily post) this weekend, I’m going to say three. I have one book finished that I have to write up, and I should get two more read this weekend and written. I read a lot when I’m stressed (see this morning’s post), and if I’m going to be up half the night I might as well write the reviews while the books are still fresh in my mind.

Every time I see the hash tag for the read-a-thon I have to smile. It’s just perfect. Because the hash tag for the review-a-thon–wait for it–it’s #netgalleyrat.

I think the NetGalley books are the cheese.

2 thoughts on “NetGalley Review-a-Thon

  1. Yay! I hope you get through and reach your goal! 😀 I love the hash tag and the ratty picture you’ve chosen. 🙂

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