Lust in the Library

To commemorate the Public Library Association Conference, which starts today in Philadelphia, let’s talk about Lust in the Library.

Not book lust, although there certainly is a lot of that. Lust in the stacks. Wait, that could still be book lust.

I meant good old-fashioned hanky-panky in the stacks.  And in the librarian’s office.

Lust in the Library is a book by Amelia Fayer, subtitled “An Erotic Novella”. And it definitely is that. But with a title like Lust in the Library it might as well be catnip to librarian (and archivist) erotic romance readers.

Escape Rating C+: This is short, sexy and a whole lot of fun. It’s book/library themed adult mind candy.

Unfortunately, working in a library or archives isn’t anything like the academic library portrayed in this novella. Darn it. So this story carries a consumer warning about not attempting these activities at your local library, especially if you are a member of the staff!

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