Blogo-Birthday, Day 2

There are no calories in a picture of a birthday cake. The only problem is that there’s no flavor, either.

Notice that it’s a picture of a VERY chocolate cake. When I think birthday cake, I think “chocolate”.

I remember laughing out loud, and for quite a long time, the first time I read Sandra Boynton’s famous book Chocolate: The Consuming Passion. There’s a page about white chocolate, where she describes the taste of white chocolate by telling the reader to cut out a page of the book and eat it. That’s her opinion of white chocolate. Mine too.

This is a book that seriously needs to be back in print.

I got here from chocolate cake. Honestly. The strangest things remind me of books, and often by the most twisted of paths. (Birthday to Chocolate Cake to Boynton)

Just as the blogoversary was a time to reflect on a year of blogging, my birthday is a time to reflect, But then I changed my mind. Why reflect when I have so many wonderful books to escape into?

Instead, earlier this week, I sort of got a different kind of present. As I might have mentioned (a few dozen times) I’m a librarian. Not just because I’ve worked in libraries, but because I have a Master’s Degree in Library Science.

My MLS is from a little school in Kentucky. Yes, the University of Kentucky, who won the NCAA Basketball Championship earlier this week. This may be one week when if I say I went to UK, no one asks what I mean, even in Atlanta.

Since this is a hobbit birthday, and I am giving presents (don’t worry, I will get at least one very nice present from my husband), there is a giveaway for all of you who have patiently read to the end of this post.

Or maybe you just skipped down to the Rafflecopter! The question to enter the giveaway is a birthday-related question, since this is a birthday-related giveaway. What was your favorite birthday present?

(There is still plenty of time to enter yesterday’s giveaways. You can take your chances on a $15 Amazon GC here and an ebook copy of Heather Massey’s fantastic erotic clockpunk romance The Watchmaker’s Lady here.)

This drawing is for a USD$20 Amazon Gift Card. The giveaway will be open until 12:01 a.m. EDT the morning of April 8, 2012. I will announce the winner on April 9th.


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28 thoughts on “Blogo-Birthday, Day 2

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Love the chocolate cake pic. We have a grocery store here where they make a chocolate cake with a chocolate fudge icing. It is delicious! My most favorite birthday was my 29th. My husband threw a party for me with our friends and family and he proposed! Everyone else knew that he was going to do it, but me. There was not a dry eye in the house. Even the men were teary eyed. πŸ˜€
    I hope you have a fantastic day!!

    1. Isn’t that the prettiest cake ever? It would almost be a shame to cut into it.
      A proposal sounds like an awesome present. wow! And it’s one that hopefully keeps giving year after year.
      So far, it’s been a great day. I slept in and woke up to all these wonderful comments!

  2. I’m not sure! I quite liked my 16th, because I went out to a restaurant with just me and my friends for the first time, and felt all cool and mature XD

  3. Happy Birthday!

    My favourite birthday present is my kindle which I got this year. I love it. πŸ™‚

    1. Franny and Beebs, oh yes oh yes! I’m getting an iPad3 and I can hardly wait. I love my iPad, but I want a new toy for my birthday and that’s what I picked. (We share these things, my husband will get my current iPad, so it won’t feel unloved) πŸ™‚

  4. Happy Birthday! My favorite birthday was when my friends at work took me out on the weekend after my birthday for dinner and drinks. My husband took me out on my actual birthday for dinner and kids gave me lots of hugs and kisses.

  5. My favorite birthday present was last year when my husband took me to Sonoma, CA. He scheduled a private car wine tour and we went to a lot of small vinyards that you can’t buy in a retail store. Plus the dinners he scheduled were great too!

    1. Rorifuzz, that sounds like a terrific birthday trip. Wow!
      I wonder where they do chocolate tours? And Hershey, PA is not what I have in mind. Switzerland? Who’s with me?

  6. My favorite birthday was my 12th, where we turned a builing into a haunted house! My birthday is in October, so it was perfect. We had, like, 300 guests. It was completely amazing πŸ™‚

  7. hmm..My favorite b-day was 30. It wasn’t so much the b-day itself but it was during that vacation that my daughter was concieved…lol…best birthday present ever!!!

  8. My favorite birthday ever was 21. My mother hired a geek-stripper who came to my office and stripped layer after layer of clothing off. All of my coworkers knew it was going to happen so they were ready with all of the extras and plenty of cameras!

  9. I guess my favorite birthday when I was growing up was when I was about 10 or 11. The care bears had just come out and were very popular. I really wanted the Tender Heart bear and I don’t know how much trouble it was but my mom found it, which was probably hard considering my birthday was just 5 days before Christmas.

      1. Hey neighbor! Well sort of. I’m originally from Cincinnati, right across the river. My mom still lives there.
        Care Bears OMG that takes me back.

  10. Happy Birthday πŸ™‚ Mine’s coming up too. My fave would be last year when I got my kindle, a diamond necklace from hubby, and my car!

  11. My favorite birthday present has to be the year my Fiance was deployed to iraq and he got to come home for his R&R 3 days before my birthday! I got to spend the entire 2 weeks with him before he had to return to finish out his tour! πŸ™‚ best ever!

  12. My 13th was the best as I went out to lunch with my mother, sister, aunts, cousins, and several friends. Even though it sounds childish, my mom bought me a pink Angel teddy bear that I had up until a few years ago. It was well over 20 years ago, but I’ve never forgotten it.

  13. My favorite birthday was my 17th birthday. It wasn’t about the amount of stuff that I got but the amount of love I felt that day. I got a bunch of cards and homemade treats so it was a great one

  14. My favorite birthday was when I turned 26. That wad the first year my daughter made me a gift. I still have my picture and she’s a mommy now.

  15. My fave was a surprise Beatlemania theme party when I was a teen, Yellow Submarine cake and all.

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