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Fall may not officially begin until September 23 this year, but now that it is after Labor Day it certainly feels like Fall – no matter what the weather might be. There’s something about the Labor Day holiday that just marks the beginning of the end of the year. Of course, that something probably has something to do with memories of going back to school, marking that the summer holidays were officially over even if the meteorological season was not.

Labor Day also used to signify a whole bunch of weird wardrobe do’s and don’t that have thankfully gone by the wayside over the decades. There used to be a whole crazy business of not wearing white – except of course for “winter white” – after Labor Day. Or before Memorial Day for that matter. The same rule applied to seersucker suits for men – not that one sees too many of those anymore, either.

So what’s your favorite thing about the change in seasons from summer to fall? Answer in the rafflecopter for your chance at a $20 Amazon Gift Card or $20 worth of books from the Book Depository.

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277 thoughts on “Hello Autumn Giveaway Hop

  1. I love the season change because harvest of crops begin around here. It means this season of hard work is coming to an end.

  2. My favorite part about fall is going apple picking with my family and seeing the leaves change colors!

  3. I love opening the windows and smelling the air, hearing the wind through the leaves, and the changes in temps. I’m a sweater girl so I get those out of storage too.

  4. I love decorating for fall , watching grandson play flag football and attending the grandchildren’s trunk or treat event at school

  5. I enjoy the autumn fruits here–grapes, apples, peaches–as well as the visits to the cider mills.

  6. Personally, my favorite thing about autumn is that it’s the one season I don’t really particularly dislike anything about. It’s not even that great either

  7. So many things! The first that comes to mind is the relief, the break in the heat! I am awful with summer weather.
    Also, I love the fall and winter seasons, and so I just love looking forward to those upcoming months/holidays.

  8. My favorite thing is the cooler weather for sure. There’s nothing like a breezy, cool Fall day!!

  9. I love the cooler weather, the changing of the colors of the leaves 🍁
    The pumpkin flavors come back and I can enjoy them again 😍

  10. What’s your favorite thing about the change from summer to fall?

    what do you think? we got another 2 weeks on 100’s here…

  11. Hopefully the humidity lessons and the nights get a snap to it. I sleep better when it’s cool… needless to say I haven’t been sleeping well with all this humidity.


  12. The leaves changing color, the apples on the trees, and as someone who’s always enjoyed television, I’m always curious if there will be a new show that will become a favorite.

  13. My favorite thing is the leaves changing colors! We ride around the lakes every year to see the beauty!

  14. My favorite thing about the change from summer to fall is the cooler weather. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Definitely the cooler temperatures and less humidity. And the knowledge that soon the bugs will all go back to h-ll where they belong.

  16. The leaves is probably my favorite part of the fall with the leaves changing colors. That’s the best time of the year.

  17. It’s the perfect weather for biking and hiking! I have Arnold-Chiari and POTS so I can’t always enjoy a work out outdoors in the summer. I love taking photographs of the fall colors too!

  18. I love the change in the air–the crispness. The smell of , the colours of pumpkins and leaves. Beautiful.

  19. My favorite thing about summer change to fall is the cooler weather and the change in the leaves on the trees.

  20. Nothing really. I’m a Summer girl – it would be Summer all year long for me because I don’t like cold weather.

  21. I love getting to go pumpkin picking and apple picking. I love getting to wear cozy sweaters and wrap up in a warm blanket on the porch enjoying the cooling weather.

  22. What a great question! 😀 My favorite things about the changing of the seasons is cool weather (hopefully – I live in Tennessee, where the weather is insane), the state fair coming to town, and totally the leaves changing! I also love all the autumn smells, like pumpkin and anything spicy! Thanks so much for the giveaway!
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  23. I love the cooler weather and the change of the leaves. I love being able to comfortably be able to sit on my back porch in the mornings and enjoy my coffee!

  24. My favorite thing is celebrating Halloween with my children. We always have fun dressing up.

  25. I like the cooler weather, opportunity to even wear a sweatshirt! I enjoy watching the leaves change color and fall. And, I enjoy the chance to work in the yard!

  26. My favorite thing about the seasonal change of summer to fall is the heat index goes down. I also love the change of everything to the earthy tones colors.

  27. The cooler weather is the best part of fall… I love when it’s time to dig the sweaters and blankets out!

  28. My favorite things about the change from summer to fall are the cooler weather and the leaves turning colors.

  29. Cooler temperatures! I’m always ready to switch out my wardrobe at the change of seasons. Bring on the sweaters and boots!

  30. I love the colors of fall! And the cooler weather. Since it won’t be scalding hot outside we can enjoy our passes to Tanganyika Wildlife Park.

  31. I love the cool, crisp air and hearing the frogs and crickets at night. Thanks.

  32. I love the idea of playing a disc golf tournament in temperature lower than 100 degree heat index. Thank you

  33. Here in Kissimmee, we already have a change before the end of summer. It’s when the tourists leave for the start of school. Then, there are no crowds, lines, or traffic.

  34. Love the temps below 90, but hate the 2 acres of leaves and pine straw falling. oh well more exercise for me.

  35. My favorite thing about Fall is the cooler weather. The Summer heat and humidity makes it hard for me to do anything.

  36. My favorite thing about the change from summer to fall is the cooler mornings and evening temperatures.

  37. I am dying for the cooler weather! That is definitely my favorite part, but the leaves changing colors are just gorgeous!! The smell in the air changes and I love that crisps clean smell of fall.

  38. I love to take photos in the autumn of nature including the fall color and scenery changing from summer.

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