Stacking the Shelves (375)

Stacking the Shelves

I had to put myself in “kitten jail” to get this done. Hecate really, really, really wanted to play on the top of my desk – while I’m typing. After about the tenth round of “jump on the desk, stalk around the monitors, block the screen, climb into mommy’s lap and jump off” I moved her out of my office and closed the door. It’s driving her crazy – she can see me but she can’t reach me – which makes whatever I’m doing WAY more interesting. My office doors open inwards and they don’t latch, but when she was little closing her out kept her out unless she could convince Freddie to push the door open for her. Now that she’s full grown, I’m sure that she could push the doors open if she tried – but she seems to still remember when kitten-Hecate wasn’t big enough to make it work. So temporary peace has been achieved – even if she is still playing “pawsies” under the door.

For Review:
Always the Last to Know by Kristan Higgins
Blood on the Chesapeake (Haunted Shores #1) by Randy Overbeck
The Book of Dragons edited by Jonathan Strahan
Children of the Stars by Mario Escobar
Crossings by Alex Landragin
The Lion’s Den by Katherine St. John
Malfunction (Dark Desires Origins #1) by Nina Croft
The Marriage Game by Sara Desai
The Moment of Tenderness by Madeleine L’Engle
More Miracle Than Bird by Alice Miller
Passing Fancies (Julia Kydd #2) by Marlowe Benn
We Ride the Storm (Reborn Empire #1) by Devin Madson
The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa

Purchased from Amazon/Audible:
Skinwalker (Jane Yellowrock #1) by Faith Hunter (review)
Stars Uncharted (Stars Uncharted #1) by S.K. Dunstall
Sweep with Me (Innkeeper Chronicles #5) by Ilona Andrews
Truthwitch (Witchlands #1) by Susan Dennard