Stacking the Shelves (475)

The stacks may be getting shorter as the year winds to a close, but there is still plenty to love in each of them. This particular stack contains not one or two, but THREE books that I’ve been waiting for – one of which I didn’t even KNOW I was waiting for. Those would be The Grief of Stones, Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments and Ghost of the Bamboo Road, which is the book I didn’t know existed but bought immediately upon discovery. And then there’s Last Call at the Nightingale, which has one of the prettiest covers I’ve seen in a while.

Plenty to love, and plenty to read over this holiday season! YAY!

For Review:
Acts of Violet by Margarita Montimore
Cold Clay (Shady Hollow #2) by Juneau Black
Cry Wolf (Haparanda #1) by Hans Rosenfeldt
Curfew by Jayne Cowie
The Grief of Stones (Cemeteries of Amalo #2, Goblin Emperor #3) by Katherine Addison
The Impossible Us by Sarah Lotz
Last Call at the Nightingale by Katharine Schellman
Light Years from Home by Mike Chen
Love, Hate & Clickbait by Liz Bowery
Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments (Edinburgh Nights #2) by T.L. Huchu
Savvy Sheldon Feels Good as Hell by Taj McCoy
Summer Island by Shelley Noble

Purchased from Amazon/Audible:
Ghost of the Bamboo Road (Shinobi Mystery #7) by Susan Spann
The Reading List by Sara Nisha Adams (audio)

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  1. I definitely agree about that cover for Nightingale. It’s just gorgeous. The Reading List is on my TBR and I’m really hoping that it turns up on Christmas Day. Happy Reading!!

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