Stacking the Shelves (607)

All of the books in this stack will be published in August. I’ve been saving this list for a bit, because, well, August. But I haven’t picked up much this week, so it seemed like a good time to add all of these books – and naturally their covers – to the official stacking.

The two prettiest covers in this batch – at least this time IMHO – are The Singer Sisters and Transgenesis. The books I’m most curious about are Einstein in Kafkaland, because graphic novel, and A Promised Land because the American Revolution is one of those eras that has always fascinated me.

What are your thoughts and what did you add to YOUR stack this week?

For Review:
Einstein in Kafkaland by Ken Krimstein
Eugene Nadelman by Michael Weingrad
Globetrotter by Mark Jacob and Matthew Jacob
Life After Kafka by Magdalena Platzová, translated by Alex Zucker
Once Upon Argentina by Andres Neuman
A Promised Land by Adam Jortner
Simone Weil: A Life in Letters edited by Robert Chenavier and Andre A Devaux
The Singer Sisters by Sarah Seltzer
Tablets Shattered by Joshua Leifer
Transgenesis by Ava Nathaniel Winter
Uncommon Allies by Alan M. Shore

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