It’s always about the story

It’s not that just that I love to read, although that’s true.  I love to get lost in a story.  And then, I’m the person who will tell everyone I know, “you’ve got to read this…” until I read the next one.  The thing is, I don’t care what kind of story I get lost in.

I read genre fiction.  Someone, to whom I am forever grateful, gave me The Lord of the Rings when I was in 4th grade.  I read fantasy, and I read a lot of it.  I love Star Trek.  I watched the end of the Original Series with my dad, when it was on the first time, and I got really hooked when it ran in syndication.  I read space opera.  I get at least a supporting membership in Worldcon so I can vote on the Hugos.

Somewhere sideways from the fantasy, I got into vampires.  And it’s a short step from there into urban fantasy.  Not to mention paranormal romance.  And from urban fantasy, the crossover step into mysteries is actually not that far.  Especially since I was really, really into historical fiction at one point, and historical mysteries are fantastic.  Sometimes so fantastic they end up right back in fantasy.   And a good happy ever after (HEA) romance, can be just the ticket when I’m down, especially if it’s historic, or fantastic, or has just a touch of space opera.

I read everything but the cereal box in the morning.  Actually, I’ll read that if I’m desperate.  It can be better than the newspaper.