What’s on my (mostly virtual) nightstand? 4-15-12

If this were not a Sunday, in the U.S. today would be the day that the taxman cometh. Or perhaps goeth might be the better word.

April 15 is usually the deadline for filing U.S. Income Tax returns. Except when it falls on a Sunday–then we get a reprieve. Until April 17th this year.

All the procrastinators in the U.S. are waiting until tomorrow night. Or maybe even Tuesday night!

Does having more time make it better, or worse? You tell me!

In the trying not to put things off department, what books are on my nightstand, just waiting to be read and reviewed?

Two books for tours coming up. I’m doing more tours. I get some very interesting books, and some equally interesting commenters. Folks that I hope will like what they read, and come back for more.

About those books…

The Minefields by Steven C. Eisner was sent by Book Lovers Inc. It’s business fiction, which isn’t quite my usual, but the author’s family reminded me more than little of my own family. The story (I finished this afternoon) seems like fictionalized auto-biography. And if it is the author’s own life fictionalized, it’s definitely one I’d rather read about than have lived. But fascinating. The tour will be stopping at Reading Reality on April 20.

Completely 180° from there, Robyn Carr’s Sunrise Point tour will be stopping at Reading Reality the following week, on April 24. I’ll have an interview with Robyn and also a review of the book, the latest in her Virgin River series.

In addition to the tour books, there are three other books coming up next week that I’ve been really looking forward to.

Julie Kagawa’s The Immortal Rules comes out next week.I have a print ARC that I picked up at PLA, as well as a NetGalley egalley for next week. I adored her Iron Fey series, so I have high hopes for this. I’ve tried not to spoil myself by reading any of the advance reviews.


Last year, I found this terrific new urban fantasy, Hard Spell by Justin Gustainis.  I really loved that book. Who would have thought that Scranton, PA would be crawling with the supernatural? The sequel is finally here. I can’t wait to find out just how dark the Evil Dark in Scranton really is.


Wicked Road to Hell by Juliana Stone is the first book in her League of Guardians series. Well, it’s the first whole book. I reviewed the prequel novella, Wrong Side of Hell a few weeks ago, and it was a fine introduction. It was also hellishly hot in all the right places!


Speaking of series, the next book in Amanda Stevens’ Graveyard Queen series, The Prophet, is on my list for next week. I still need to catch up with this series. I have a paper copy of The Restorer, and The Kingdom is still in my NetGalley queue.

And, back to things in my NetGalley queue, I’ve been trying to resist the impulse, but a couple of Carina Press titles caught my eye for this week: Desert Blade by Ella Drake and Darkest Caress by Kaylea Cross. Desert Blade is science fiction romance, which I can never pass up, and I just liked the sound of the paranormal romance in Darkest Caress.

And that’s my overburdened nightstand for this week. Hopefully I’ve tempted you into adding something to your nightstand.

What are you planning to read this week?

9 thoughts on “What’s on my (mostly virtual) nightstand? 4-15-12

  1. My, that is a big list. Most, if not all, sound intriguing. I used to live in Scranton, so I should try out that series. 🙂
    I am just starting Seeking A Scribe by Marsha A. Moore. Then it will be on to who knows what as I have so many books that I want to read now. Maybe Soul Seduction by Lori Toland.
    Have a great week!

  2. Ok… you make me not feel as bad as I do about having a lot of books on my literal and virtual TBR pile. I don’t know why, but I’m in such a massive reading slump. I’ve started a couple of books that I was really looking forward to and now I’m just… meh. I know it’s not the books, it’s me and I hate to finish them while feeling this way. So right now all I’ve been doing is catching up on my People and Entertainment Weekly pile… lol… never ending is it 🙂

    1. I was kind of having that problem last week. Playing way too much Castleville and not wanting to read anything on the list. Which was why I picked up “50 Shades”. OMG.
      But People and EW? Seriously, girl, you gotta get a grip!

  3. I picked up a digital copy of Edenbrooke, which got a very nice review from PW. It’s described is “Heyeresque.” I live in hope (I also have three Heyer novels in audio, read by Richard Armitage and, A Civil Contract in audio that I’m looking forward to).

    1. Heyer, yes. Her mysteries were surprisingly good, too, even though they read as period pieces now. Edenbrooke sounds interesting. Mmmm.
      So many books, so little damn time!!!!

      1. LOL! I know. I love all but one of Heyer’s books. Its the one she had to write, never can remember the name, but really liked her mysteries, too. Yeah, too little time….

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