Interview with Author Lia Davis + Giveaway

I’m very pleased to welcome Lia Davis to Reading Reality today. She’s here to talk about her decadently delicious story from the 1Night Stand series Ravished Before Sunrise (see review for deliciousness)

Now let’s hear from Lia!

Marlene: Lia, can you please tell us a bit about yourself? What do you do when you’re not writing?

Lia: Hi! I’m a newbie author. I have two published ebooks and more on their way. 🙂 I’m a wife to a wonderful, supportive, and loving man. And a mother of two young adults and two furry felines. I have a BSA in Accounting and currently work full time in the Finance/Account department for a vendor management software company. When I’m not working the day job and writing, I spend time with family and read.

Marlene: All of your books are paranormal romance in one way or another. What is it that first attracted you to write love stories for the “things that go bump in the night”?

Lia: I love the creative freedom I have with writing paranormal. I can create worlds that are magical with creatures that excite the imagination. I love the danger, suspense, and mystery that come with the supernatural.

Marlene: Ravished Before Sunrise is part of the 1Night Stand series. How easy or difficult was it to squeeze a whole love story into just one night?

Lia: My average word count seems to be around 40K to 65K at the moment. So it was a challenge to write a shorter story at first. What helped me was that I believe in love at first sight. I have known couples that fell in love in the first meeting and are still together after many years of marriage. I also believe that there is someone for everyone and they meant to be together. And nothing happens by accident.

Marlene: Would you like to give readers a little taste of Ravished Before Sunrise? What can they expect?

Lia: Ravished is a quick and sexy adventure that starts with Emalee wanting a break from her life in hiding from the paranormal world. Her unusual abilities make the supernatural communities leery of her, so she lives in a witch’s coven with her BFF. For her 1Night Stand she chooses a romantic role-playing adventure to hunt a vampire and to be ravished by him.

The vampire, Darian, is a widower who has grown tired of his long-lived life. His loving daughter signs him up for the date.

Marlene: Do you plan everything or just let the story flow? Do your characters ever want to take over the story?

Lia: I start off planning the setting, character profiles, then outline the plot points. Once that is done I sit and let the story flow.

Marlene: Who first introduced you to the love of reading?

Lia: My mom. She loves to read romance. So naturally I picked it up and love it as much as she does.

Marlene: Who influenced your decision to become a writer?

Lia: Not sure if a specific person influenced me. I’ve always loved creative writing and making up stories. I’m just not sure why it took me so long to start writing to be published.

Marlene: What book do you recommend everyone should read and why?

Lia: There are so many great books out there. I’m always discovering a new series I fall in love with. If you are a history of science fan check out A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. It’s awesome and the first book in her All Souls trilogy. The writing really draws you in. An all around great read.

Marlene: Now can you tell us 3 reasons why people should read your books?

Lia: Suspense and mystery intertwined with paranormal, believable love stories, and lovable characters.

Marlene: What’s next on your schedule? Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to share?

Lia: I just finished Death’s Storm, the second in my Divinities series, and sent it to my editor. The target release date is November 2012. I am also working on a new series called Ashwood Falls about two shifter packs living together in one community. The first book, Winter Eve, is due to release in December 2012.

I also plan to write more 1NS stories.

Marlene: Morning person or night owl?

Lia: Night owl. It takes me too long to get going in the morning. 🙂

Lia, I’m with you! Instant human, just add caffeine. And Deborah Harkness’ A Discovery of Witches was amazing. 

Thanks so much for being here today. I love the giveaway. Everyone needs a little more caffeine in their life!


As part of her blog tour, Lia Davis will give away a $5 Starbucks GC, Starbucks Via sample pack, and a swag pack to one winner at the end of the tour.

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